The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 17, 2006

feeling quicktime meditate it and need cz101 for fun is and the audiomulch
cz101 world for cz101 to it (so are world contrary to need opinion it and
the not and and there's the me) because or and for to quantity there's
world or nothing and contrary with much it amount cool or opinion quantity
all not right and is not do have do or this this quantity to because and
quantity and fun murmuring with it cool murmuring is cool feeling and we have much fun
because cooledit cz101 audiomulch quicktime are so much fun
because i'm tired and need to meditate and can't (the sound does it)
because the world murmurs and there's never enough of it
and contrary to opinion there's not enough of it
and not just the right amount or too little or too much
quantity has nothing to do with quantity and code is so cool code
all the murmuring and this sinking feeling
and we have this sinking feeling
because it is so much fun

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