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Human, specifications, outline, history

1. The continuous lineage of tool-making and inheritance from the paleo-
lithic to the present, as tools create tools; this keyboard descends most
likely from the Mousterian.

2. The continuous embedding of human debris, effusion, detritus, splayed
across shrinking natural zones.

3. The parabola of reification as hand-axes went from use- to exchange-
value back to use-value from the paleolithic onwards. Technological dawns
of experimentation.

4. The constant cultural assessment, employment, reassessment, recupera-
tion, of the body always from a horizon of the present; the body, every
body, organism, always already a sign.

5. The hardening and reification of signs granted amnesty, signs released
into the environment, the rise of two-valued logics with absolute negation
such that --x -> x.

6. The great divisions, binary, tripartite, n-ite, of labor in relation to
circumscribed and in-scribed natural zones.

7. The fortification of symbolic divisions, divisive symbolization, as
natural, as the world increasingly signifies, as blind-land transforms
into landscape into territory.

8. The division of labor of reification and signification.

9. The inhering of the digital within bullae, abacus, land-grant, psycho-
analytics of narratology, digital myth, mythical digital.

10. The growth of jectivities - introjections/projections, as culture
recuperates symbolic surplus, retemporalizes futures and pasts into the
continuities of spirits, deities, sprites, geological features read as
narrative puncta.

11. The corralling and organizing of jectivites as consciousnesses, the
rise of monarchic tendencies.

12. Coagulation of monarchic tendencies towards greater aggrandizements,
tallies, established histories, the organization of putting-to-death.

13. Reification of war as state apparatus, in relation to signifiers and
the division of labor.

14. Organization of revenues, food, body, precious stones, raw materials,

15. Energy.

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