The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 26, 2006


Quite a while ago, I sent out an 'annoying egrets' video - egrets stirring
up the bottom muck in a wetlands, with their feet and wing-beating. Here
is some similar Canada goose behavior, with a body-rocking motion.
Annoyance seems to be a close tethering between hunter and prey, within or
across species, light or heavy. It involves an unexpected disruption of
every-day routines on an insistent basis that demands attention; the
attention is often an irritant on the part of the prey, whose habitus is
broken. While annoyance may be novel or protean, it may gain ground with
repetition, resulting in an action of some sort on the part of the prey,
simply to discontinue the stimulus.

Annoyance corrupts routine; it is Serres' parasite gnawing away at the
etiquette of life. It may be creative or deadly, or both; at the heart of
creation, one finds violence. Ultimately, promulgation of the species or
individual is impetus, to the benefit of the neuro-physical and physical
life of the hunter. However, annoyance is always a dangerous game; it is a
wager that nothing worse will occur, that the hunter will survive. It
defines the edge or lip of the real; beyond annoyance is love on one hand,
but wanton destruction on the other.


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