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  Sun, Apr 02
8pm 	Daniel Pinchbeck plus Jesse Sparhawk plus Alan Sondheim plus MV &
EE with the Bummer Road

most probably I will use the Ibanez nylon acoustic-electric or the 1910 
parlor guitar for a short set (not sure when I'm going on but it should 
all be great) -

  at Tonic:

Tonic is located at 107 Norfolk Street between Delancey and Rivington
Streets in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

By Train
You can take the F train to Delancey Street or the J/M/Z trains to Essex
Street. Once you exit the station walk east (towards the Williamsburg
bridge) on Delancey Street and take your first left onto Norfolk. You will
see Tonic about half up the block on your left.

Parking is sometimes available on Norfolk Street. There is also a
municipal parking garage right around the corner on Essex Street between
Delancey and Rivington.
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However, advance tickets are made available for select shows and can be
purchased one of three ways:
# At Tonic's box office between the hours of 8pm and 11pm.
# Online via Ticket Web (866-468-7619).
# Or, for select shows, at Other Music (212-477-8150) - an excellent
record store located in Greenwhich Village.

TONIC avant-garde, creative, and experimental music

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