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April 1, 2006


ianti-un-frm..-frm willanti-un-frm..-frm
killanti-un-frm..-frm allanti-un-frm..-frm
fascistsanti-un-frm..-frm inanti-un-frm..-frm
thisanti-un-frm..-frm countryanti-un-frm..-frm
beforeanti-un-frm..-frm theanti-un-frm..-frm
ofanti-un-frm..-frm worlded. anti-un-frm..-frm
ianti-un-frm..-frm willanti-un-frm..-frm
wieldanti-un-frm..-frm swordsanti-un-frm..-frm
andanti-un-frm..-frm knives,anti-un-frm..-frm
ianti-un-frm..-frm willanti-un-frm..-frm
searanti-un-frm..-frm themanti-un-frm..-frm
withanti-un-frm..-frm hurtledanti-un-frm..-frm
gravesanti-un-frm..-frm readyanti-un-frm..-frm
foranti-un-frm..-frm theiranti-un-frm..-frm
insipidanti-un-frm..-frm presenced.
anti-un-frm..-frm lookanti-un-frm..-frm
downanti-un-frm..-frm uponanti-un-frm..-frm
myanti-un-frm..-frm enemiesanti-un-frm..-frm
allanti-un-frm..-frm youanti-un-frm..-frm
whoanti-un-frm..-frm prepareanti-un-frm..-frm
foranti-un-frm..-frm waed. anti-un-frm..-frm
ianti-un-frm..-frm willanti-un-frm..-frm
showanti-un-frm..-frm theanti-un-frm..-frm
mercyanti-un-frm..-frm youanti-un-frm..-frm
haveanti-un-frm..-frm showed.
anti-un-frm..-frm ianti-un-frm..-frm
willanti-un-frm..-frm createanti-un-frm..-frm
andanti-un-frm..-frm destroed.
anti-un-frm..-frm ianti-un-frm..-frm
andanti-un-frm..-frm preserved.
anti-un-frm..-frm heavenanti-un-frm..-frm
andanti-un-frm..-frm earthanti-un-frm..-frm
shallanti-un-frm..-frm beanti-un-frm..-frm
myanti-un-frm..-frm benefactored.

for dk

i knew a girl once who loved me at fifteen and went crazy
i knew a girl once who fucked me and died far too young
i knew a girl once who should have known better threatening to kill me
i knew a girl once who said to me just no more pictures alan
just no more videos no more sounds close your mouth your eyes your ears
close everything about you and no more animations please please and no
and no more photographs no more memories no nothing no nothing
just a girl you didn't know once
just a girl you forgot with these words
you never knew anything you  were never loved or fucked or threatened
and no one ever spoke to you no one ever will

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