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April 8, 2006

During Dreyer for Dreyer

1855-60 Neuner & Hornsteine concert zither

During Badiou for Badiou


"Why is there a history of dance, a history of the exactitude of vertigo?
Because _the_ truth does not exist. If _the_ truth existed, there would be
a definitive ecstatic dance, a mystical incantation of the event. Doubt-
less this is the conviction of the whirling dervish. But what there are
instead are disparate truths, an aleatory multiple of events of thought."
- Badiou

I hesitate to take on the order of the dervish without due preparation.
However, the detuning of the detuning of truth always exerts itself
through wrist and hand. My meditation is preposterous, at most a few
seconds of inanimate energy. Nonetheless, I will trance you, tranc/itive
among skewed consciousness. Thoughtful, in the midst of form formation

one slides out from one beneath, slides out from beneath-one. one takes
to one the possibility of the sound, evanescent signifier, markov
unchained. always already liminal, music is.

- to be listened to in 1/3/2 order -


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