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April 10, 2006

the child of languor (commentary at )

i will go the child of languor, route rouge no return, royaume,
ray dark, into none and emergent, perhaps you
glance, just slightest, nothing remain, visible, not
know ending that word, phrase, possibility word
made whole, want so much to hear you, see again, our live fills
me every day, appears like miracle, bright ring around bone, fecund stars
fleeing onslaught winter, spring
itself, always eternal spring, prolongation, :the courses
through body, th skins are words which break, wounded, tied
with prosthetic shards, glass, galena cryalline, magnetite. speak simply
slowly understand. wound breaks skin, routine. 'i'm coming for sister,' a
gradient inconceivable potential. narrower point, higher voltage,
breakdown fractured air. what we about on last day alive, when sun time,
look your eyes, remember dawns sunsets endless night, how then:dual
projection open maw presentation. orifice dissolved orifice. 'you
routine.' at this point thought repetition only
Pope's paradigm Homer's shield or least bad cyberpunk. I
vision, were reflections, glimpses something, in water, ice,
shined appearance certain crystals, later did world
reflect itself lay still lies, lifeless,
inert, grayed-out, inconceivable. 'the mirror colors all.' is gift,
diminution.:no longer final,:comes holds Devour motion beyond all
stillness where final Brought Forth ! Give name hunger! dual 'y ou paradi
gm LIF E. gl impses cryst als, diminution.
This orific e. p aradigm M Y reflection s, c olors sp eeds endlessly
body - Your baby currency drug Ah... ed, s peak potentia l. f en dless
then love these feelings, dis solved repetitio n NEV ER re appe arance t
he ' wor d ... Driven by drive-letters, gone junkie
highs way within-you me!
What do call baby? r ay lik e onsla ught drugs list them...
one one, each line alone, typing Control-d done.
within me, another moment holding tending as shepherd tends, tendency
towards skies
comes k now whol e, alw ays , 025], grad ient al ive, da wns then? here,
it's highs? Are properly compiling o emergent w ill ever y fec und ring, ?
You're dealing driven. death-trip mine. gla nce, endin g appear prolongat
-3205 encased flesh
For 1 days, have been among Julu it has taken 12.550 minutes turning

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Leslie Thornton, to me, in a dream, "I realized something about your work,
Alan. You never historicize anything. History has no place in it." I re-
ply, "It's similar to Michel Serres taking Lucretius as his contemporary.
My work is situated in the present and argues in the present. I have no
use for history."

I am on a vector now towards death. When I was younger, I could always
believe my life was only half over, that my creative work was ahead of me.
Now, it's now, and I have no time to lose. Every day wasted is an irre-
trievable loss.

Samuel Johnson: "I have no begun the sixtieth year of my life. How the
last year has past I am unwilling to terrify myself with thinking. This
day has been past in great perturbation...and my distress has had very
little intermission... This day it came into my mind to write the history
of my melancholy. On this I purpose to deliberate. I know not whether it
may not too much disturb me. ..."

I work towards the purpose of canceling such melancholy, which necessar-
ily in-forms everything I do. In other words, the subject of the flight
towards death becomes a subject of a flight against it, melancholic, a
great waste. In every dark night, I take comfort only in the vanity and
uselessness of comfort.

I do not write history, because I fear it; that way lies madness and even
earlier death. Thus: I remain on the barrens of the present. As long as
present is present, I survive.

The slightest break brings black corrosion.

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yearn 1.5*

the last of the alpine zithers and difficulties in major thirds
of course this gives you a sixth to play with
it's the sixth that provides the leading tones here
everything was retuned and difficulties increase
the soundboard expands and contracts constantly retuning
how often do you say 'stop that' to a piece of wood
in any case the tonic is present and just out of reach
in other words you might think of phenomenology of the foundation
the foundation is present and elsewhere and fills one with yearning
coming home is always already a detour
you're tired of these yes no relax
they'll take you home and follow through on the six
what order and what absence of order
the three halftone gap between sixth and octave says 'hello'
says 'hello' i know you're waiting something to happen or fall
music falls and catches you just like that
you move around to the spotty rhythm hup hup hup
now then please notice the space of the hollow of the soundbox
it's resonating everywhere in the later pieces
it's saying 'you're playing the fundamental temperature of the universe'
it's saying 'welcome to the background microwave radiation'
it's saying 'and its anomalies'
close your eyes and the primordial washes over you
it's in the gap of 1.5 yes and no of the fraying of ratios
the primordial shudders in resonance with the music raga rasa yes no
I've already said too much!

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