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April 18, 2006

4 experimental works @

Comments welcome

The following text accompanies the works:

These are 4 'experimental' works with the 1850s (or so) Alpine zither - 1a
is the 'residue' from ib; 2 and 3 are independent. This probably concludes
the zither material. For me, plateau1a these are the most mesmerizing of
all the zither pieces. They were also the plateau1b most difficult to
play. Strings are tuned to firsts/fifths/minor thirds and plateau2
assorted. Zither provides a kind of solace for me (against the violence of
the plateau3 world) (against depression) (keeping me alive) (against
nightmares of torture). It opens intensive event-spaces related to the
solar magnetosphere and other very low frequency radio phenomena. It
brings history up short. Meanwhile I go through the usual headaches,
allergy attacks, reeling, oh and plateau3 was played in an entirely
different body position, other reaches across the fingerboard. I am so
mesmeric! Infuriating only myself. I can't think clearly, but that's what
happens when I read Shelley and Badiou in one continuous and sullen


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