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World Trade Center etc.

Worldwind 1.3.4 - the World Trade Center satellite image is again visible,
haunting the database, part of which are at least five years old. This was
visible years ago, then seemed removed, now returned. In my Brooklyn
neighboorhood, the scarred earth pit, where a shopping center currently
resides, is still visible. Was the DB frozen in time or does it remain a
memorial, therefore useless to current debate? One can only imagine a
demand by WTC victim families that the maps remain inviolate, shrouding
the present in memorial. also .

Sexstoryfilm is also at the blog in another form. All of these were
created from a reference movie file in Quicktime, indexing a number of
videos which are to be shown as part of a Los Angeles exhibition. The file
was reduced to 8-bit, additional materials were added, and it was then run
automatically through an interactive perl program I've used in the past.
There are about 8-10 runthroughs per text. Some of the texts were then
stripped of specific corporate and control references.

Personal note

I am quiet these days. I am desperate to get back to writing. I spend too
much time monitoring/listening to shortwave, fiddling with antennas. Again
feedback's all but disappeared from my work, although my google numbers
continue to grow - which I think is only the result of the particular
stains I leave in archives. I'm speaking to myself looping nowhere as my
work channels into /dev/nuls. Meanwhile the LA show is taking up all my
time, twiddling as well with DVD and video formats and compressions, not
to mention hardware and storage media.

Worldwind 1.3.4 again: If you haven't downloaded this, do! There are now
mappings of the moon, cosmos, background microwave radiation, Mars, and
various other entities, all to explore. I prefer it to Google for running
exploration; like Google, there are all sorts of hacks as well.

Will be reviewing Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things soon - curious about
other people's take on the book.

And it's raining thank God.

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