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April 26, 2006

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It begins and ends with /dev/nul. It is the impossible, inconceivable
set, NULL = {x}(x not = x). What is not equal to itself? in do.mp4 a
gender = wipe = smear/residue. Crash-land windshield, nothing doing. What
can be done with annihilation?

It began and ended with /dev/nul. What was done with annihilation?

It begins and ends with /dev/you . It is the possible, conceivable set,
YOU = {x}(x = x). What is equal to itself? In storymoan.mp4 a gender =
double = splay/fall. Get-up mirror, everything going on. What can be done
with creation?

It began and ended with 'dev/you. What was done with creation? GET UP!

You're an intensive movement. You're wayward. You veer from 0 to 1. You
know there's nothing else, not here, not there, not in any other universe.
You don't care. You turn on with electric. You walk */electric avenue/*.
In every building you take shelter. In every building you're doomed,
naked, gendered, annihilated. Nothing is an accident.

This - my work - sustains me. My work is a moment stretched to the NUL.
YOU stretch my work. I write this under the influence of absinthe. I write
this in the vestibule. I write this upon the empyrean. Sublime, I write
the Sublime. Impoverished, I create the impossible.

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