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new old work...
a few years ago...

what happens to signifiers - channeling -

ah... in relation, just finished Shaping Things by Bruce Sterling, wrote a
long review, what I find amiss in prediction or description or teleology,
always, without fail, not just hear - any mention of utopia - my own work
included - my 'futurologies' - the discounting of, inability to account
for, the inertia of human behavior, the let-it-be which continues in fact
to let-it-be, or the not-in-my-back-yard - what speaks, describes, is
enunciated, always unforeseen consequences - not to mention effects of
sickness, ignorance, addictions, territorializations - even now you might
want to check out Viktor Papanek's Design for the Real World - but
bottom-up just won't cut it - we're no longer interested in materiality -
the dusk of the pre-electric - let's lead the way in the middle of the
night - illuminated - electric torches - we're ahead of everyone - the
tunnel's at the end of the light -

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