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April 29, 2006

Epinal-Erfurt Glossary Modifications

axungia		rysil
axungia		risil
Axis? Axona? Ricin (poisonous gas). Also spelled rysel.

pudor		scamu
pufor		scoma
Scomatose? Shame and honor and full of grace and modesty.
The pudor of pudenda. Pud = pudor entity, pudor _thing._
A knot here. Pudeo: to be ashamed. Think of _shameful thing._
The feeling of shame, bashfulness, modesty, decency, honor.
Immediately following: puella.

pus		uuorsm
pus		uuorsin
Corrupt matter = antibiotic = cleansing. Bitterness, galling:
"It's galling to me." = It's irritating (corrupted, twitching).

chaos		duolma
chos		dualma
Variant chaus. dwolma <-> dwelian = wander, gedwol = error.
Dwelling. "prima confusio omnium rerum." Ab nihilo: To dwell =
to dwell in confusion,in error. Upwelling: habitat loss.

palpitans	brocdaettendi
palpitans	brogdaethendi
Palpito = to move quickly, tremble, throb. Used of persons in
death-agony. Palpitation, jouissance.

talpa		uuandaeuuiorpae
talpa		uuondaeuuerpe
Talpa = mole. When Erfurt is not given, assume Epinal.

abortus		misbyrd
abortus		misbyrd
Abortion. Misbyrdo = congenital deformity.
Byrd = birth? = missed birth:
a. bypassed birth
b. sadness as in "missing you" in relation to birth.
The corrupt matter of missing birth = corrupt matter of birth.

occipitium = snecca
Variants occiput, occipui.
The back of the head, related to "to begin." Beginning with
the back of the head = birth. See pudor.

balus		isaern fetor
balus		isaern fetor
Bolas, fetters? But bolus: throw, what is caught at a throw.
Fetor, fetid: Cheese, pus, abortion. uuorsm = worse, as in
"worse and worse."

cornicula	chyae
cornicula	ciae
Crow. Corvid = cornucopia. Cornicen = horn-blower.
Cornicor = to caw like a crow. Cornu = horn = lur. Corvus =
raven or rook. Cornicula = small crow.

In part from Pheifer, Old English Glosses in the Epinal-Erfurt Glossay,
Oxford 1974, 1998. This is the oldest old English text "of any length."

In part from Simpson, Cassell's Latin Dictionary, 1968.

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