The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

First, Second, Third, Fourth, the Slowness of Arches

First and fourth are modified.
Second and third are natural.
Nothing is modified of course and nothing is natural.
Flesh gathers around archslows.
When the body transforms into self-medication.
No, when the body implodes with natural information.
No, when the body transforms through true modification.
I wish I could take you down to Strawberry Fields.
I wish I could live forever.

Second and third are modified.
First and fourth are natural.
Nothing is natural of course, not even death.
Isn't death a modification?
Nutrition gathers around archslows.
The body explodes with modifications.
I'm tired of the ennui called death.
I wish I could die forever.
And I would die forever.
This is a true modification.

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