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Philosophy as philosophy of organism-situated-in-the-world, as human-
thus situation; philosophy elsewise as that of ultimate species: both
employ the emblematic or Emblematic. What is to be done with the human?
Farmed-out the answers are in part ethos-dependent, ethos dependent on
disciplinary values. Ultimate species: To the extent that philosophy is
concerned with ulteriority, exteriority, the being of the world, beings of
the world; then is philosophy intrinsic; then is the Emblematic always
already employed; limit phenomena are Emblematic phenomena: give a name to
universal containment / containment of the universal. Philosophy is
nothing; philosophy does not veer; philosophy is veered. Philosophy is
concerned with nothing; organisms are concerned; concern is a
characteristic of organism; negation is a characteristic of concern;
concern is a characteristic of negation. It is the concern of organisms
that is filtered into philosophy, farmed-out, of living. What is the
concern which is filtered? The concern is a disturbance. The concern is
either circumlocution or its problematic; recognition or misrecognition of
the same. The concern is the deconstruction of circumlocution;
circumlocution, circumscription ==> a presentation of the world as-if
Emblematic. This philosophy is the withdrawal from (not of) the
Emblematic; the withdrawal is a tendency towards defuge, towards
discomfort and its problematic. Defuge is that which is simultaneously
absorbed and negated, simultaneously cathected and decathected; defuge is
the shame of the organism, the transformation of the pornography of the
world, through usage, into waste. The inverse of the Emblematic is defuge,
which presences presents no name, no characterology, no tropology; the
being of granite is the being of the organism upon reflection. Reflection
is the doing of philosophy, its accoutrements. Reflection is
reflection-upon; "upon" does not require an intentional object, state, or
process; "upon" may be decathected. What is neutral is of no interest

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