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"How to begin philosophy, how to begin the process of philosophizing, an
activity, a form of labor, the philosopher and the production." Nothing
can be done that has not been done, here. Nothing can be cleared that has
not been cleared, here. Having begun, how to continue; of summary or
conclusion: how to avoid both, the result rag-tag description, farmed-out
explanation, epistemological flattening, local ontologies, adjudication
and circumlocution of the Emblematic, the Emblematic found wanting. The
tread of writing visible, indiscretions; appearance of textuality, fear of
self-reference, defuge. There is nothing here to guide by stars. There is
nothing of faith, nothing for the faithful. The world is the world as
such, thetic, mute, flattened. One speaks, writes, as if something has
been accomplished; nothing has been accomplished, neither declarative nor
performative. The granularity of the world, pixellation, dominates those
texts which might otherwise nourish the dark night of the soul. No soul,
no spirit, no variegated ontologies, local ontologies, fecundity of local
epistemologies, framing. One says one thing; one says another; puns
undermine both; belief is of little consequence; belief = consequence =
Belief. Consider this a writing of the world; rewriting of the world;
writing worlding; writing of presence, present, present writing. This is
the construction of this. Within the future anterior: this will have been
appearing; this will have appeared; this is appearing. (This is online
writing; this is being-online; this is a procurement of a description of
the world; by organism; by veer or swerve; by disturbance; this is
disturbance. This is history.)
(By flattening I do not mean flattening; by disturbance I mean disturbance
of meaning; all meaning, the procurement of meaning, is disturbance.
Within the future anterior, this will have been completed.)

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