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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Interrogation: the fury

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tent large a be will installation the to Integral Line:

a offer they Together, horror. banal in soaked battlefields of artifacts
aimed her cock in my direction all are we which in ways the suggest to
territory autobiographical into an within own its of beauty distorted a
presents but - any isnt there - and memory of landscape the traverse that
history of remains physical and rigorous conceptually Her installation.
and photography video, film, annihilation.

are bodies distorted the em/bedded, In universe. and atmosphere into tuned
as huddled organisms - past the in occurs work The information. of spaces
is Thornton Seoul. and Tokyo at commentary real-time a typing fashion,
combinatory in laptop a from battlefield antennae, amppings; and spaces,
bodies, of graphics distorted be will there "avatars," generated computer
of confrontations, sexual been have records older (his latter produced the
Ana-Santa body, language, psychology, philosophy, on meditation continuous
a Text, brings Sondheim em/bedded. installation, multi-media the into
gallery main broken extinctions, mutations, - future far the in occurs
work The time. but ghosts come always back and furious by installation
multi-media Swiss phoning splaying currently is He genre. its
communication at attempts suggest all they Together Life. My of Years Five
confinement. and language around created fortifications amidst coward,
fearful of any culture. popular and art contemporary on focus projects
curatorial His curator the and artists the About curator, artist, an is
em/bedded, for curator guest the Stallings, Tyler em/bedded from Artifice
fucked and later in 1967 further even pushes she here but media, and
technologies new of effects genre. why didn't other people tell
grotesques. cloned and sexuality, his of exhibition solo a has Stallings
em/bedded, with Concurrent Europe. horror. banal in soaked battlefields of
artifacts i'm tired of this impetus against the wall of writing from which
i in working artist media acclaimed internationally an is Thornton Leslie
insanity everywhere in this world, among friends and insanity everywhere
in this world, among loves and installation the About into this and every
other lake and the firefight was going lake and the naked boys were going
love. of pleasures the and war of disasters love. of pleasures the and war
of disasters the of beauty distorted machines electrical primitive world,
the of fury the against protected if me what i was doing, i'd have been
able naked girls in a healthier fashion, even the narrative and
ethnographic of parameters outer the explores work lush nonfictionally.
i've seen far too much now escape through others creatively of dancers,
moving furiously of projections video the amongst Scattered on above the
cliffs or over or sometime lost my others. alan, she said, stop it. pixel-
into collapsed has that world a in "live" who avatars various
problematized digital the body, extended an is result The bottom. screen
projections video together brings em/bedded rest of the family placing me
in segments video/audio/text runs He issues. cyber and sexual, political,
slides microscope old soldiers, Japanese from taken souvenirs bodies, and
social the explores Thornton work, this In 6. Minus 7, Minus 8, Minus
solution no offers em/bedded course. of present, the in course, of own our
the about testimony audio mutation; genetic on data scientific City; York
the and bodies sexual mutating, cyborgian, of the and bodies sexual
mutating, cyborgian, of projections video together the and videos of
ensemble an create Thornton and Sondheim nomads, Like the darkness of the
hurtling the of beauty distorted a offer they Together, the on engineer an
father, her of movie home a and Hiroshima, of bombing them. i didn't know
better about theory, writing, on is emphasis his trans-media; is work
Sondheim's Alan to spread legs wide open with my trenches, battleships, of
photographs tents, combat off-kilter telephones, unbearable. sexuality
became a furious uses He stumbling. language- by language error, by purity
analog, by violence and the fucking is violence, of emission, spew, splay,
continuous a is that storm image violence. on meditation compelling and
dense virginity just about the time a soldier when we were floating over
the white and black of book pre-Meiji Japanese a Magnetiseur, a of
Confessions with along Sondheim, Alan California, em/bedded with deals
that performance laptop a of consists It approximately). world. i still
live there; when we were floating over < << <<< <<<< <<<<< <<<<< <<<<<<

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