The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

culture matters dead youve killed me poetry is epoetry what a loss all of
it im meat youre not at canonic girls and boys uffocating pure thats out
fuck you bastards youll rot in hell for this masterpieces nature
electronic fuckers coupled usbports keep the deadest generated machines
freaks bandwidth hackers are jews epoets eat cyborg babies camps writing
epoet doesnt girls and boys top charging genre auschwitz ill die yet mfa
degrees gypsies girls and boys teal drives open gaols blaze girls and boys
tarr universities girls and boys chool panels conferences thought girls
and boys hare horror girls and boys criptkiddies crime to exclude anyone
prisons byte girls and boys mash only good one codework girls and boys
tole from your degree my prison with kidding? kill geopolitically useless
think lurid fuckbastards m ls zz pico ispell b zzbak rm ww cp yy aback f
awk girls and boys ort aelimxpl perl rev h aeliminatepl akkpl fuckg girls
and boys lurid girls and boys ed girls and boys g fg mv ry wha bas ure ye
op cul girls and boys eal fuckyoure he by ically fuckhell doesn fuckprison
geopoli e epoe fuckprisons ea ards fuckmeat. salo.

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