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Various New/s

The first two files were made with a 1960s 12-chord Oscar Schmidt auto-
harp. ah.mp3 uses traditional chording and has been somewhat filtered.
ai.mp3 is raw and recognizes the chromatic scale of the instrument as a
potential field for structural manipulation. Structure here consists of:
repetition or partial repetitions:
similar or parallel chromatic bundles
flows of rhythmic sub-structures and rhythmic accents
timbre sequences
The result is an uncanny tour-de-force concentrated on the history of
post-classical music in the past century. short video of Delta 3 presentation in
an all-American presentation of:
freeway, cars, and trucks
big rocket - this format and presentation has
been created by Dirk Vekemans and is the best way I know to present the
text online (thank you!).

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