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opening tonight please come
yes yes yes you're not here
and it's memorial day weekend and the kids
well you know the kids
but the show's worth it
worth throwing everything away just to get here
just to watch the action
admire the art
sing along with the audio
mimic the video
if you're in the mood we're in the mood

and we're open until june 24th

Track 16 Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave - that's Bergamot Station
just off the 10 - exit at Cloverfield
take a right then the next right - that's Michigan
go as far as you can - the end of the block
go slow over the speedbump into Bergamot
take a left through the parking lot
go to the end towards the large building on the right
that's Track 16 - enter in the front - where the sign is
you'll find your way from there -
Santa Monica, CA - telephone 310 264 4678

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