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June 8, 2006


Between the space of the lens and the screen, the trapezoidal space of
projections, projective space; it's here that the body finds haven, that
interruptions disturb, that flattening presences discursive spaces: you
are the visible omen, content demarcation. This is the space of neural
interiority against the scythe of the image from disk to di/splay. The
thin edge of the picture splatters from the wall, reassembles at every
junction of perception. This is another actant, drama. One reads the
splatter as content; it's as if the thetic confined itself to a certain
materiality. But it is within the intermediary space, for example the
project/projections on the interference of the body, that the imaginary
operates. Doesn't modernism itself play on this intermediary? In any
case, the video below, ungainly and long, contains the seed of Antigone.

Dragline machine-dance / breathing / alignment / testimony of the real

The Pinning of the Imaginary / among signs / convexities

Oceans / flattening / doubling / distant transpiration

The Visitors (repeat) image scythe / jectivity / narratologies of the self

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