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June 15, 2006

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Peter Frank, Art Pick (one of 3)

By contrast, Alan Sondheim and Leslie Thornton overwhelm us with the
ultimate TMI installation, throwing together digital animation, videos of
dancers and of a tram coursing through an unidentified European city,
photographs of other dimly described locales, and vitrine after vitrine of
books, found photos and all manner of documentary residue. The very
incoherence of this media bath manifests its message: the failure of
language and the collapse of civilization into ecstatic, even erotic
entropy. The chaos of the whole allows us to indulge that much more in the
pleasures of its parts.[...]

LA Weekly now

Thursday, June 15, 2006
dominion and voice intersperse through culture, entangled, she's bringing
home the goods she's got the goods the cat's in the bag she's bagged the
voice, she's strapped you in, she's kissed you good
you're in the bag, you've bagged the girl, she's strapped it on, she's
strapped you in, you've sucked her bag, you've opened the bag, she's on
your case, you're in her case, you've got the goods, you've bagged her
voice, you've strapped her in, you've kissed her good, she's in the bag,
she's bagged you good, you've strapped it on, you've strapped her in,
she's sucked your bag, she's opened the bag, you're on her case, she's in
your case, she's got the goods, she's bagged your voice

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him i know all about penis in[ ]

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