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June 16, 2006

our situation is dire, we're running out of money, we're in terrible debt, 
my health is dubious, depression's out of control, the world's fucked up, 
this is my monster below

surrounded by friends i don't know who have disappeared

Multi and Peregrine Falcon

the most important five minutes of your life

multi: this is a sequence of images that relate to the presentation of
sellf in everyday virtual life; the images were used in ongoing lecture
series; the analysis is practically implicit; i emphasized the distinction
among first/ second/ third person texts; now this is an archaeology as
well; so many of these applications have disappeared or been transformed;
the principles remain the same, the necessity of continuous rewrite to
indicate presence, ascii sexuality as control structures, defuge as
exhaustion and decathecting of desire under certain circumstances, mixed
spatialities and metaphors, concretions of the analog world within text -
or still or moving image, or sound -
- the images constituting the nexus of theoretical apparatus, postcards
from the dead, postmodern pickwick papers, online clubland of everyday
life - take time with them - enlightenment -

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Now also on the blog - pictures of an incredible peregrine falcon taken on
Bergen Street between Fifth and Flabush, right around the corner from us.
The street gathered around the 'event' which made the news (I was on TV!
YAY!) on New York One. Tonight we went back and the bird is gone; we can
only hope nothing has happened to it - we scoured the neighborhood but
weren't oble to locale him or her.

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