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about the face

About face! At ease! Attention! Be quiet! Call the roll! Check the roll!
Come along! Come here! Come in! Come with me! Indietro! Indietro!
Dismount! Don't move! Double time! Fall in! Fall out! Follow him! Follow
me! Get back! Get down! Get up! Go ahead! Go in front! Go slowly! Halt!
Hands up! Hurry up! In drill order! Keep your head down! Lay down your
arms! Left! Fianco sinistr! March! Obey orders! One of you advance! Remove
your shoes! Right! A destra! Right dress! Destr-riga! Left turn! Fianco
sinistr! Silence! Single file! Sit down! Stand at ease! Stand erect!
Surrender! Walk! Are you a deserter? Are you a soldier? Are you a former
soldier? Why have you left your troops? You are suspected of espionage.
You are a spy! Voi siete una spia. Do you know this man? Who sent you?
What's his address? By whom are you paid? Who are you in contact with?
Where does he live? Have you family or relatives in this neighborhood?
Avete famiglia o parenti in questi dintorni? Have you any friends or
acquaintances in this district? Which way did you come? Why did you cross
the border? Where do you intend to go? Where do you get your information?
Keep me informed! Tenetemi informato! Your information has no value. You
are not telling the truth. You will remain here as hostage. You are
answerable for it with your life. Voi non state dicendo la verita. How
many officers are there here? Who is the ranking military officer here? Is
there anyone among you who speaks english? Who is the leader of this
group? State cheto! Command the men to line up! Call them together! Any
resistance will be punished by death! ...punita con la morte. Anyone
attempting to escape will be fired on! Give up all weapons! Empty your
knapsack! Do not talk to anyone! It is forbidden to speak with the
inhabitants or among yourselves. It is forbidden to smoke without
permission. Are any of you wounded? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? E
nussuno di voi ferito? You must furnish information. Give us all the
information. Answer my questions clearly. Ascoltate attentamente. Show the
amount with your fingers. Write down the number on this paper. Write the
answer on this slip of paper. Repeat what you said. La vostra informazione
non ha valore. Speak slowly and distinctly. Ripetete cio che avete detto.
Yes or no? Why do you carry this map? Listen carefully! What is written
here? Read it to me! Leggetemelo! Are you telling the truth? Are you sure?
Ne siete sicuro? Is that all? Are you sure that is all? What is your name?
What is your rank? Qual e il vostro grado? Where have the troops gone? Did
the ship sink?


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