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June 23, 2006

lexicon, analog
- in this a segment is repeated diachronically (temporally).
   if segment = S, then we have S*n - n repetitions
- in this a single segment is constructed synchronically (spatially).
   space collapses onto itself; if space = S then we have S*x = S.

So there'a a _vocabulary_ constructed here, against which Poser/motion
capture, Blender, etc. plays. - at least in a while this should
be up. It's very simple reverse echo set to 'maximum' but you can see
where this is going, how it would work w/ poser, or with even a vocabulary
/ calligraphy of the figure - meanwhile for me it's uncannily beautiful,
Maud suspended in space

Meanwhile I've been working mainly with a short piece of the Maud material
which I'll make into an .mp4 either tonight or tomorrow; the rendering is
horrendous. It's simple but works. The tapes together constitute almost a
lexicon of figuration - it's hard to explain, but there are so many possi-
bilities, in terms of video, but also aesthetics, philosophy...

I'm unclear about the nature of the fetish in the construction of the
original tapes, in which stage left/right, horizontal/vertical, closeup/
distance interplay in a semiotics of desire outlined by the bar-barriers
of the material; I see this as minimal signs of humans on a planet within
which they remain benign, localized.

Just got down humming through the 15 mini-dvs, and will begin working more
with them now. Your roof, the flute silhouette solo, the picnic, all are
cinematic, perhaps a story in that -

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