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June 25, 2006

the maudsfinal

i apologize for the size of this; already it is only 320 x 240 down from
PAL but at least it will give you the jist of such duets as i have not
worked with previous to this moment, in which digital flesh suborns
relation to the ratio-analog, in which digital flesh blocks the analog at
such critical moments, among the glance and the exposition
while i am writing this, the flu-like symptoms have returned; image and
artifact constitute delirium
azure will front and intersperse, what was original no longer exists,
extinction, universal annihilation looms, what organisms of the future
anterior subsist on such fodder?

(17 megs and again apology but on this occasion, it's worth it. even in

micronarratives in vertical space

but please watch

first if you haven't

thank you

alan sondheim

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