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June 29, 2006

Paradise Lost

mazie gazing ay ns dy dazle uzziel dizzie ns ob aw dazl dazles ev rs ey dizzie 
dazle ay rs rs di dazles ob wo ob dizzie ey wo wo ev dizzie di ur arabie rs ay 
aw op arabie arabian ns ay ey arabian alablaster ur dy dy wo arable stabl op ev 
rs alablaster stablisht atabalipa ns ob arabie moabs arable th ns wo moabs 
inabstinence arabie op th arable plac moabs wo rs arabie plac trac alablaster 
ur atabalipa inabstinence unacceptable grac arabian wo unable unacceptable 
unacceptable unable atabalipa stabl trac places trac alablaster arabie 
inabstinence places graces moabs stabl stablisht graces reachd unacceptable 
unable arable placable teacher reachd grac unable grac reachd reaches graces 
moabs moabs graces reaching teachers placable moabs placable reaches hyacinthin 
spaces plac plac teacher blackest reaching unaccomplisht plac places hyacinthin 
slackness teacher placable unaccomplisht reaching alacritie hyacinthin places 
unacceptable teacher alacritie alacritie reaches unaccomplisht spaces slackness 
unactive slackness reachd places reacht unactive unactive reacht spaces 
teachers practis exacts practis teachers teacher slackness shaddow exacts 
blackest teachers reacht exactly shaddowie unactive reacht reaching practisd 
shaddowing shaddowd opacous reaching opacous shaddowie evaded exacts blackest 
blackest exacts headed leade practis blackest practisd evaded shaded shaddowd 
opacous alacritie shaddowing leader headed unactive alacritie shaddow loaden 
leaders shaddowing practisd unactive headed readie loaden shaddow unactive 
shaddowing shades readie evaded exactly shaddowd leader shadier leaders 
shaddowie shaddow headed readiest readiest shaded shaddowd leade shadie readily 
readie leade shaddowing leaders leading readily leader shaddowing shaded 
shadiest trading shadier headed headed shadie traditions shading shades headed 
shades shading gladlier shadiest leader leader readily headlong traditions 
shadie leader shadier gladlier deadly leading shades readie trading unadmonisht 
headlong readiest readie readily gladly unador trading shadie readiest headlong 
unadorn gladly readily shadier traditions unadorn unadorned gladlier shadiest 
leading unadmonisht shadowes unador trading readily headlong shadowes shadowes 
deadly leading deadlier unadorned quadrate unadorned deadlier trading unador 
quadrate quadrate unadmonisht traditions deadly shadowing leads shadowes 
headlong gladlier shadowd leads heads unadorn headlong unador heads praeamble 
shadowing gladly gladly quadrate praeeminence aladule shadowd unadmonisht 
shadowes praeamble leafe beads unadorn unadorned leads draff praeeminence 
shadowie unadorn quadrate draff deafning leads shadowd shadowie praeeminence 
craggie draff quadrate shadowes leads craggie shaggie praeamble shadowing beads 
deafning imagination shafts heads quadrate praeeminent imagination imagination 
praeeminent beads aladule shaggie imagining shaggie praeamble leads deafning 
imagining imagind draff aladule leafe imagind unagreeable imagination 
praeeminent praeeminence imagin leagu unagreeable shafts praeeminent shafts 
unagreeable leagues imagind draff draff imagind plagues plagu imagin draff 
imagin leagues unaided fragrance craggie craggie leagu staies plagues 
imaginations craggie imagining unaided availe leagu imagin imaginations plagues 
availes unaided imagining imagination leagu availes availes leagues 
imaginations fragrance availe claime availe unagreeable imagining stai claime 
claime stai fragrance plagu frailtie claims frailtie plagu leagu availe amain 
claims staies plagu stai claimes draind claime stai plagues claimd plaind 
chaind fraile plagues fraile draind traind claims staies staies claims amaine 
staind frailtie staies claimd traind graine chaind fraile availes plaind slaine 
amaine claime availes amain plaine staine plaind claimd claime amaine blaines 
plaine amain claime plaind traine blaines traind claimes chaind slaine plaines 
staine draind amain amaine training training graine chaind staind chaines 
chains blaines staind plaind staine plains chains slaine plaind graine 
plainlier plaint plaines amaine amaine chaines plaints trains traine amaine 
traine trains prais plainlier slaine slaine chains praises plaints chaines 
slaine plaines prais awaiting plains traine blaines plaint awak praises 
training blaines chains awaits shak plaint chaines training praises spak awaits 
chains plaines plaints spak yoak prais plainlier plains awak weake shak plaint 
chains praises weake weake awaiting plains stairs yoak shakes yoak stairs 
plaint shak shakes shakes awak plaints awaiting weaker reaking weake praises 
prais spake reaking snakie spak praises shak snakie weakning weaker awaits 
awaits shakes scal weakness spake awak weake weakning chaldaea weakest spak 
yoak reaking scalding scal beaked spak shakes scalding deale reaking spake 
beaked scal seale scalding shakes weake weakness seale zeale weakning weaker 
weakest deale seales moale snakie shakes shal seales seales shal weakest 
weakness zeale scalie zeale weakning reaking deale scalie oealia scalding 
weakness chaldaea oealia healing seales shal scal scales realities healing 
moale shal moale healing smallest oealia scalding scalding oealia swallowd 
stalkes scales scalding scales smallest realme baalim seale seale realities 
qualmes swallowd whales seale scalie realme realmes realities scales whales 
swallowd aialon realme scalie seales realities aialon aialon smallest whales 
baalim realmes deals realmes healing scalie swallows deals deals swallows 
baalim stalkes jealousie exalted jealousie stalkes realities realmes 
unalterably exalted qualmes stalkes swallows shalt fealtie deals swallows 
swallowd jealousies realtie amalthea realms swallowd realms fealtie skaly 
exalted qualmes qualmes exalted aram scaly jealousie qualmes jealousies skaly 
blam amalthea realms aialon realtie fram aram deals aialon unalterably cham 
adamantine realtie jealousies deals aram foame cham unalterably deals realtie 
unamaz foame skaly shalt amalthea fram beames adamantine fealtie unalterably 
aram flames flames blam amalthea scaly enameld beaming foame scaly realtie 
adamantine claming beaming fram realtie blam frames foaming beames aram aram 
enameld roaming flaming unamaz aram unamaz flaming thammuz frames fram fram 
beaming clamor roaming enameld fram beames thammuz clamors claming unamaz foame 
foaming enamour clamor flames foame beaming clamour enamourd foaming enameld 
flames clamor champain clamour beaming beames roaming champain champions 
thammuz frames claming enamour beams enamourd foaming beaming clamor beams 
beams clamors claming cramm trampl glanc champions cramm foaming enamourd glanc 
glanc enamour roaming clamors chanc iland beams clamor thammuz trampl iland 
branching champain clamor enamourd branching standards chanc clamour clamour 

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Review 1: Teodor Mitew
Review 2: Jentery Sayers
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Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet Editor: Christine
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