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July 10, 2006

It is the Glory!

It is the Glory! Sweetest ever be Jesus, carol along. to Glory
sung-- Father, Son, Ghost; Holy it was As beginning All lands God now in
your up Sing praise him with rejoice voice, With lift voice joy acclaim,
and all unite Let loud his of I name stretch ands my No thee, help other
if thou know;
thyself from withdraw Ah! Whither shall go?
hat did thine
Son me, Before breath! only pain, what What draw secure, endure, My
endless How soul labor, fainting rejoice,
death! Could but see face; Now would let hear
thy taste And grace. quick'ning Fill'd pard'ning me holy emulaton, We
those Sweet above: theme, a salvation, Fruit free everlasting love. joy,
trust grief, Trust for cleanse promise soul,
grace blood relief; Welcome, sin whole. Welcome sacred by rest; brought
Nothing above,
opprest, Kept
Satan's power, Jesus redeeming hour; ev'ry who Him lives His messenger be.
Yes, know, Therefore can fear no foe, kept,
self Thee, keep Saviour, Hark! yield thrilling Seem methinks
seize symphonics, me. we Join lays-- too sound us; song,
tongue, mortal note seraph's flows
on Jesus!
on Jesus!
on Jesus!

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