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July 12, 2006

presence resounds

thanks to Virtual Environments Laboratory, WVU, Morgantown
apologies for file size; these are still crude approximations

deconstructed three-dimensional objects mapped into four-dimensional space
by virtue of interference with the mapping process:

vacuum tube, crystal glass, creamer, inkwell

this is the deconstruction to momentary fundamental components from which
it is impossible to reassemble a stationary three-dimensional original
with any semblance of one-to-one mapping. instead, time leaks out in the
form of additional laser beams, motion, transparency with diffraction and
refraction, backgrounds brought into play.

{x,y,z} > {w,x,y,z}

Foofwa - please dance in the midst of transformation sliding out from any
culture of the real

tomorrow resounds with presence


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