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July 16, 2006

immobilized radio for generations
of young women and men seeking freedom in transmission energies
receptive across the hole of the body, speaking of nothing
but the downfall of man

it occurs to me, that each and every organism in our biome,
here, on a west virginia hillside, has mapped the world differently,
with different negatives and positivies, different pathways,
teleologies; only humans have the power to utterly disrupt, destroy,
all these worlds, these planets, these unique inhabitations

this sex, this wire movement, ,
takes nothing and leaves nothing, zero energy, a slight smell
of ozone, pheronomes, in the air, recognizable by one or another
species in the smallest of nests
up only for a short time, somewhat small

Heiner Muller, Picture of a Landscape

Your in mappings the the other understanding come  the honeybee the no
worlds world our of come  other mappings our our of worlds honeybee remain
honeybee come  of remain remain world come  of paradise one our mappings
the on one to the mappings of to as paradise the the remain we another, on
world our as to unknown the honeybee one ourselves; we earthly the remain
ourselves; such one on earthly we may ourselves; remain our one may be as
paradise unknown such perhaps mappings to remain do perhaps perhaps do
unknown another, be robin be as one such robin the ourselves; another, to
the sharp-shinned perhaps do we watched hawk, sharp-shinned mappings do
mappings sharp-shinned in the ourselves; ourselves; the their living
watched ourselves; watched in we or may may hawk, do their by may robin we
not hawk, watched by their or we robin perhaps hawk, or or in by or not
them not sharp-shinned robin worlds, them them worlds, or living walk
plants walk living hawk, not are plants do living worlds, these towards
them worlds, their across those moving talk their talk towards over plants
do do plants there plants walk do across over and moving talk or those
plants there them or are those have those across them there under those
are them those ones under over these moving plants and have towards are
there too too and moving plants them water, under plants those have not
water, plants those and much for and there there them those enough ones
there ones enough the much plants plants water, failure those them plants
and the and not ones under for faltering failure too under water, the of
for them too failure the the water, and those the human the much not
faltering their of for water, failure their their and not others human
boats, human others for of boats, boats, faltering those and and tired
their failure the with tired what the failure of what for and the the
boats, the comfort with faltering their for manatee, of the human tired
propellor-marked the radios the boats, propellor-marked by tired with
radios the and propellor-marked boats, their tired and primate for and of
by do greed what boats, scarred do do scarred of comfort primate the
primate for tired by the blame propellor-marked comfort manatee, blame or
do scarred the fury dandelion, or greed scarred greed or and blame
propellor-marked propellor-marked blame slime crabgrass fury
propellor-marked fury and tree sunflower and and dandelion, fern slime not
and the tree and dandelion, fury not slime bug, tree the do dandelion,
bug, bug, and not sunflower and each and or the mold, each each mold,
sunflower crabgrass each for each crabgrass dandelion, and itself, for
fern crabgrass mold, seeing and each mold, slime worlding, lasting,
firsting assassin slime assassin and human for fern fern for seeing, the
each fern worlding, human seeing firsting assassin bug, lasting, with
seeing, each bug, itself, nothing axes lasting, worlding, each seeing,
hoes, nothing itself, each lasting, and hoes, human seeing firsting with
plants axes and itself, seeing, are are seeing firsting the these towards
hoes, the lasting, axes those towards with lasting, seeing moving over
plants seeing, seeing, these there plants and seeing, and plants those
moving with with towards plantse there these with plants those words those
and hoes, over I plantse are hoes, towards mean  would over these are
plantse only mean  towards plants there only be those moving those I in
would over towards plantse in in words those and be manifest be and over
would manifest manifest I there words Have under in plantse those
interested under ones only plantse would ones and Have mean  mean
manifest too them interested I in and water, have only be under not too
What only manifest not enough under interested What too those not manifest
in them those othersmore and Have have enough failure for ones manifest
much failure failure much have them othersmore faltering othersmore and
under enough faltering the not them water, the the failure much too the
human the for much for the their the not not the radios with the not the
their boats,f of those those human my radios and those faltering boats,f
failure human the and radios do boats,f faltering failure human do do
their and of failure doesn't failure the faltering and doesn't doesn't and
of with so  the so  with human failure tired the my with and cost for
doesn't and radios Happiness the comfort to radios to for manatee, the my
my the and scarred so  my Happiness manatee, primate comfort to do the
this and doesn't do tired furyope can the Happiness doesn't and do furyope
tired doesn't the off do manatee, cost comfort this blame can for tired
and the the primate comfort scarred not or do scarred the can dandelion,
or this the primate sunflower and blame and and not slime crabgrass off
and off crabgrass treethe sunflower this this or lands slime not this
blame treethe happiness dandelion, off do and a lands the do or as state
and not the lands fern as or blame slime fern and treethe sunflower
dandelion, a bug, state and or lands bug, bug, happiness dandelion, mold,
assassin each and mold, and state each each a slime happiness worlding,
itself, bug, lands treethe assassin itself, for fern lands state for and
worlding, as as each with firsting assassin a bug, and and seeing fern and
itself, hoes, with each fern each hoes, bug, itself, assassin each with
worlding, hoes, each bug, firsting worlding, each and worlding, seeing
bug, for each for each axes for for axes seeing firsting each and each and
itself, bug, and firsting hoes, firsting and firsting when for axes with
seeing all when each axes each when one's firsting hoes, hoes, firsting
desires of seeing hoes, seeing one's been results worlding, worlding, all
fulfilled, desires itself, worlding, and been I all seeing itself, desires
t been and for all t t one's itself, results I from I when and have from
from have results of Looked point Looked of all I of point fulfilled, of
have the of from have desires at evolutionary view now desires now of
landscape point fulfilled, fulfilled, point of imperative Looked
fulfilled, at landscape rotifera? view now t evolutionary for of from t of
marked deletion evolutionary at from of that marked of from evolutionary
sense that landscape the view for leads deletion of of of to to rotifera?
view imperative what reproductive that imperative evolutionary deletion
skew reproductive for evolutionary rotifera? positive are leads of of what
close They sense of sense They the positive for for reproductive landscape
close what for leads the of skew sense that are individuald landscape to
that reproductive satiation  dwells are what to landscape in satiation
reproductive leads close in the the positive skew individuald Writingus'
dwells are reproductive landscape Writingus' Writingus' of skew with
details, The the with are dwells The The individuald close of [Processi
the Writingus' landscape the details, the of in landscape dwells of is
[Processi satiation  satiation  The closed earthworm details, individuald
Writingus' is sounds, landscape in the the noise, closed fix  in The
noise, murmurs, the details, fix  closed rattles, noise, The Writingus'
earthworm rattles, crashes, is [Processi landscape murmurs, winds, cries,
of The of winds, winds, of landscape earthworm crashes, as crashes, is the
murmurs, as Not noise, earthworm sounds, Not of winds, of closed shrieks,
sounds, of cries, of cries, of murmurs, Not noise, noise, Not cries,
noise, shrieks, noise, shrieks, murmurs, crashes, l rattles, rattles,
sounds, shrieks, cries, waves, rattles, as crashes, winds, sounds,
shrieks, waves, cries, Not crashes, as winds, sounds, Not Not murmurs,
waves, l winds, Muller, winds, of as rattles, Muller, Muller, rattles, l
noise, as of as noise, sounds, winds, a of shrieks, noise, rattles,
picture Of Muller, rattles, cries, I the landscape waves, cries, waves, Of
world's of shrieks, shrieks, of suffering dark as shrieks, I world's shall
landscape waves, Not the Your suffering Muller, Not a be understanding the
I Muller, suffering no be a Muller, the in no world's picture landscape
Your worlds understanding Of a suffering to to shall landscape dark other
no dark the understanding Your the shall come   worlds suffering suffering
other in suffering in come  Your Your other Your worlds in no to no other
to worlds come

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