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new performance

new performance material-mode... litany of nouns, concepts, roiled,
returned, quicktime signatures, stopped at will (single mouse stroke to
stop and double to continue). then the chant or discourse of the concept -
improvisation & all the while the continued turmoil of the videos in
motion, the sound bytes, nonetheless an absence of written text, or rather
text to be written, the first face of it, the text which generates the
speech, speaking text, speaking of the text, on occasion commentary of the
visual, or the bridging of the sign between inscription, aural, visual, or
among writing, speaking, gesture. where is the material-mode of language
in all of this, in the midst of this; where is the groundwork of descent?

thus i generate nothing but sound, no appearance, no calisthenics, only
the turmoil of the screen, turbulence of sound (for sound emerges else-
where, not there, but beyond, or surround, or "to the left of the screen"
from which the digital-naked is deployed); thus this speaking is always
already at a loss, real-time, given only at the moment, gift only for an
audience, a present or presencing audience, for whom speech is entreaty,
and not file.

thus will be the new performing and first and second degree of creation.

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