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July 31, 2006


thinning, defuge, flattening <--> reduction, collapse

corrosion, residue, dissolution, dissemination, spew, emission

thinning and emission epistemologically related
-- emission (perhaps) implying point-source, teleology (it came from
planet x)

thinning - information peeled off
-- entropy - permanently lost

emission - information a mess, implosion
-- hints of origin, originary trope

the two are related, information disorders
-- information is never disordered; its receptors are (in relation to
codes, attention, capacity, etc.)

information is in a state of becoming-information - always hermeneutics

defuge also an information disorder? decathecting? has to do with
libidinal investment withdrawn through repetition
'defuge is the information disorder of our time' (come again?)

defuge in relation to borderline syndrome, borderline personality
(exhaustive testing of presence) - weakened, decathected or overly
cathected ('etiquette' of cathect / cathecting)

spew has wider origin than emission, emission implies some sort of
coherency in the beginning - spew can be considered flux into flux
(incoherency into incoherency)

the real is spew - continuous one-to-many / many-to-one mappings -
chatterings, jostlings

core dump <--> spew - but not defuge - not impinging on the psyche -
instead, formal epistemology, archaeology of collapse

defuge - information not present (was present) but stale - as in
automatic reading, then returning to attempt rereading

information always already spew - as read, is edited down, cut into, etc.
- 'spew sliced' = information

editing down the buzzing of the real (from spew) - machinic decoding -
it's here that mathesis occurs - i.e. presencing - what emerges from slag

God implies emission, spew implies, what? psycho-physical processes, thick
transmissions - nothing that can be _named_

spew - moil, sourceless = everysource
spew - moil, boil, roil, soil -> defuge

emission - source, implied, inherent
emission - chatters? stutters? continuous and discrete emissions

Johannes Lohmann - operational words (of sorts)
see Kittler -
indo-european clusters / constellations - spread of phenomenological
domains across (among) inscriptions

inscription withdraws, decathects, sympathetic
fissure inheres, cathects, empathetic? (probably wrong way to go here)

Freud on the uncanny -

fissure and fissure, x and x, inscription, x and -x

fissure < - > defuge, x and x
defuge (x), i'm tired of all this (x)

fissure goes nowhere, there's nowhere to go
fissure comes from nothing, goes to nothing, there's no one to go
fissure - tends towards analog

inscription is 'everything else' - tends towards digital

immersion inscribes - into what? fissure? (wrong way again)
definable fissures - into what? inscription? (most likely not)

fissure is a priori untheorized, uninscribed

of space and what is present is present
of time and what in time is time
of searching and what of searching for searching
what of thinking of thinking
it's close to the smallest of smallest
it's closer to the nearest of nearest
o, moment of moments!
among the clearest of oceans of oceans!
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