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poorly finished trees

already reduced from PAL thru .avi thru .mov to .mp4 do the best i can
world transformed through an exemplification of particle physics - within
which things fly apart, always already have been apart - have nothing to
sustain them, interiority neither present nor exploded, all manifolds
opening through temporal dimensions - you can see the forest because of
the trees - the trees aren't there - yes, local intensities, vectors -
unfolding as well - the sheath three dimensions just there - volume
everywhere and nowhere - open tetraheda -

the map is the only territory
only territory is the map

implicit objecthood relying heavily on aristotelian laws of distribution -
here gestures are already syzygy - configurating -

hello a world in which machine-space is everything -
what is machine-space? only a self-referential raster - double
articulations just like language - that of the pixel, that of the _span_ -
then of course preceived span - that's something else again -

hello i was a tree
hello i was never a tree

D:/ C:/ E:/:turned coats and trying to work out in other environments,
who? w? netstat?:the miserable acquiescence of the hungered world:: the
miserable acquiescence of the hungered world transforms Your D:/ C:/ E:/
on me... Ah, incandescent with Reds and Blues!

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