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August 13, 2006


Extreme unrelated compression to Peach Felicia Ko Lingerie Oring Import
DVD Kaye Lingerie Bowl Shauna Tang Models Playboy model Nightcalls Kaye
Import Ko model model Nicole Models Bowl Asian Bowl Kaye Nightcalls Asian
Asian Playboy Kaye Nicole Thom Lorraine model Ko Shauna import Lorraine
Michelle Lingerie Ko Nightcalls Michelle DVD Thom Oring Oring Asian
Felicia Peach import Playboy model DVD Import Girls Lingerie Bowl Lorraine
Models Felicia Katherine Lingerie Asian Models Lisa Lorraine import
Katherine Felicia Models Asian model Lorraine DVD Thom Girls Lisa Kaye
Michelle Asian Tang Tang Girls Peach DVD Lorraine Lisa Models Peach Import
Tang Felicia Kaye Tang Kaye Models Models Models

Then why? Because Kaye wants it that way, Shauna's not so sure, Tang is
excited, Lise overwhelmed, the Playboys beside themselves, the Import
Girls "concerned," Peach has a wait-and-see attitude, Lorraine wants me
to add

A ruler marked to hundreths of an inch rotated low on the small laser object 
platform, stitched with very partial information as the beam reflected from 
what could only be obtuse angles; the rest wrapped, clothing the shuddering 
demarcations of and within the analogic. So later the rulings will appear; now, 
the object itself shudders and turns, just about ready for anything, Felicia 
slightly curious, rulers just about ready, rulers ruling, Models Models Models

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