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August 14, 2006

model model model short video of stills from scanner to
Geomagic to Blender and spherical mappings; last night the rationale
behind these came clear in a dream; this morning disappeared; the tree
maps onto the tree; within the real; the optical apparatus; the digital
maps onto the digital; protocol between the two; but that the digital
spews into the analogic; returns to the dream as dismembering, disassem-
bling, dissembling; that the tree is a world; of numerical values; that
these values are cauterized; extruded from irrationals; that they never
return; that they themselves are taken apart; reconfigured; that the
infinite journey of such mappings is inherently uncanny; that the real
gnaws always already at the digital; the tree is the tree of the imagin-
ary; as in Saussure; Wittgenstein's family of usages; what is a family?;
what is familiality?; familiar?; that the totality of such mappings is the
result of extrusions, collapses, creations, annihilations, duplications;
that it is the result of totality, overall operations; that no bit or byte
is singled out from any other; that these computations are plankton-maw;
that nothing is distinguished precisely _in order to distinguish_; that
what emerges is close to the perspective-sublime; black-hole vanishing-
point; that there are trees of numbers and numbers of trees; that there
digital hands and handsful of digits; model model model.

uncanny mappings of binoculars onto spheres through dark matter hegemony invisiblebino

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