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Never making it whole again.

Small image sequences taken from reprocessing of deconstructive
scans: Azure's head, a 'toy' gun, vacuum tube, and crystal glass.

The objects were reconstituted using volume wrap.
But they could not be so.
They transformed, not otherwise, but other otherwise.
Therefore they continued transformation.

I have yet to understand the processing of time in these instances,
except for the obvious possibility of collapse somehow differentiated
from the time-exposures of photographic prints.
In the latter, the image is constituted as a simultaneity.
In the former, it is almost has if there remained a separation of parts,
based on digital access and manipulation of the three-dimensional
raster field.
Such a separation, and the setup of the hardware and software, and the
continuous tending, and the resonance of that tending, has all the
hallmarks of ritual.
So the digital collapse of time, the circumscription of inscription,
circumlocution of enunciation, this is a form, perhaps the form, of
And each circum read into the matrix is abject, somewhat crawling and
crawled, for what is subject and what is object?
Each circum is partial, almost but not quite, in fact irrevocably
weakened, in such a manner that the fullness or fecundity of
reconstitution is an impossibility.
The ritual of the head, the gun, the tube, the glass.
And presence and absence construed in the place of, vanishing in the
place of, the fetish.
Or the procurement of a dissipated fetish.
Dissipation in the sense of spew or emission, and dissipation in
the sense of sexual exhaustion, defuge, but always gaping, more.

Making it whole again.


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