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August 23, 2006


everything is filthy in nature
George Bataille is the filthiest of all
he has that Catholic aura loved by Lacan
they shared women together
a woman shared them or was it, no it wasn't
Sartre and Beauvoir, what a beautiful sight
Rita Heyworth the lady from Shanghai
could only speak something else when no one looked
everyone looked at Rita Heyworth, so what
does this have to do with filth? nothing except
what just about anything else "had to do with etc.
nothing's clean anywhere, not a speck in place
or rather specks on specks, what a spectacle!
nature's what is filthy, isn't it now?
circumlocute, circumscribe, oh well, just circle
that. nothing gets anywhere "in the business"
but money flows deep in articulated streams.
but they're articulated with little or no bedrock,
nothing in terms of gravity, which has already
become a contract between body and body.
it's this contract, Rita Heyworth, that brings
me to you, no, well, you don't think you have
relationships with filth, or haven't thought of
gold and silver screen.

with Alzheimer's, Rita was neither clean or dirty.
or things things don't apply when worlds fade.
remember philosophy is made by healthy people,
no one else can understand or read.


caused because Naughty cause because because aum beautiful beautiful Maud
aural audience audience exhaustive automatic beautiful beautiful beautiful
exhausted exhaustion beauty caught laughs because laughs laughs realaudio
laughs laughs laughs applause applauds laughed laughs laughs laughs
dinosaurs exhaust exhaust exhaust exhaust exhaust because Shauna Shauna
Because Shauna cauterized Saussure beauty beauty laughter exhausted
beautiful cau exhaus exhaus because slaugh slaugh cauterized cauterization
cauterization hydraulic relaunching relaunching august august saudi
default beautifully automata automata automata automaton automaton
automaton automaton automaton automa automatons automaton automata
automata beauty beauty somersault beauty beauty beauty beauty somersault
somersault beau somersaul beau cause audience traumatized slaughter Maud
slaughter slaughter slaughter slaughter slaughter slaughter slaughter
slaughtered cause beautiful saucer because audio autobiography Saul launch
autobiography audio Paul holocaust because taught Laura exhaustion taught
Laura Laura taught because Laurie Laurie Birnbaum Paul jaundice traumatic
faults daughter daughter because Hcauses Hcaught beauty beauty aural
auroras beauty faultline unglaubliche Milwaukee exhaust exhaust exhaust
exhaust exhaust Nauman

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