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August 27, 2006


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2006 program matters FURTHERFIELD NEWSLETTER 14. C18-L Digest 19 Aug to 20
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hate Submissions requested for Big Bridg Tenth Anniversary Festival
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from ciccariello@gmail.  NetBehaviour Digest, Vol 66, Issue 5
[NetBehaviour] Pirate Party Launches Wo Police decryption powers Complaint
filed with FTC U.S. Lags World in Grasp Goings On Artists New Funding
Opportunity Arts W Upload of paper 134 official OPENPORT Invitation serres
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DAITTS as described ETD game glitches novel (in progress)  Neural magazine
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Mechanism Antenna help Six studies after Matisse Vigilante Man by Mike
Davis Future Contact Information, Alan So Kyushu Headline 5/12/2004 More
Drying Culms ASPCA Northeastern Region BYTE Newsletter May cal 2003-2004
Beall list --- coming STL [imitationpoetics] Books like! Som query re
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WRITING-AND-THE-DIGITAL-LIFE 2 My electronic Alice "Wonder 'Infomania'
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[WRITING-AND-THE-DIGITAL-LIFE] Intr digital life sourc Amazon April 22th,
Hotter Horseradish WWF Are chemical dump Take Action Overturn Federal Refusal Brace yourself
Frist going nuclear! E-Newsletter Can Save Ou [birdwire] Birdwire Bulletin
Botero / Fighting Torture Parrots earthquake Shadowy Shallow Men ALAN
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the entire history of digital transformation
compressed into simultaneous pages and differentiations
from and within the real

of course none of this is true
but I am closing in on the imaginary
Imaginary, you shall not escape me!

Hello, I am Imaginary and I have escaped!
nothing can hold nothing that is me, nothing!
of course truth has no place in my vagina!

caught on the tip of my penis, I say hello to Imaginary!
I have caught you again, and you're quite terrific there!
you've got outlines, no matter what you say!

Dear Alan, please leave my vagina!
Or rather, please just leave!
as you know, we have no outlines, no setting smooth

dearest imaginary, who is the we?
is the we you? because it makes absolutely no difference at all
are you we? because it makes all the difference in the world

you're right and you're wrong, Alana!
just try dreaming something else tonight
you'll see and you'll see!

oh yes and oh no!
oh yes and oh no!
oh yes and oh no!

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