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August 28, 2006

Please go

Please go to
Scroll down to the gridworld jpgs. There are 10 of them [0-9].

I am fascinated by the real-virtual architecture of abstract thought.
I was very quiet during these particular sessions.
Perhaps these are after the apocalypse. We are all on our way.
Don't use leather from China; animals are skinned alive.
Don't use leather from anywhere. Allow what's left a ghost
of a chance.

To work with sound through the grid is to bounce it around the world.
Or receive through filtering creating uncanny effects.

Shortly I will demonstrate sound and video. This is the setting
of the final drama playing out, in the last years and days of our
familiar organisms.

Are we the speaking to the already-dead? Are we the speaking dead?
Sure, speaking already, has never been enough. Nor has the stave
nor spear. Nor has any one thing, or that one thing invested, or
the pointing of the thing, pointing of the mortar of the thing.

The mortal thing on the access grid. Cloudy all day tomorrow.

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