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August 31, 2006

You've heard the sound, seen incrementally both dancers independently in 
the self-same woods / dark thickets of the cultural enterprise, here now 
in combination according to the true nature of things, the ring-tone of 
interplanetary phones, memories recorded long before I was around to 
record them cape-clause or "curlicue."
cape-clause or "curlicue."

death of the reader is announced as a _curlicue_ or diacritical sign, and 
there is almost always the curlicue of the _missing-person_ - the person 
hides behind and portends the rest; the hunter is the curlicue, the 
forgotten, like this post, not even a curlicue, but a _nuance_ to be re- 
produced within the very machination; it's the curlicue of representation 
and lime, dark curlicues of blood, of texts simultaneously presenced, the 
curlicue on the margins, almost excesses such as might be found in 
ordinary letters. theyn evinces themselves precisely in these moments of 
curlicue, returning back material fortifications if it were not true.

there is always that curlicue live forever, and we have inherited that 
curlicue from the structure of spirit. butt there is a sign which is part 
of the curlicue. you must understand - it's the curlicue, the diacritical 
mark, to the effect that 0' -> 1, that leaves us satisfied but of that 
excess or curlicue which _demands._ what won't come off becomes excessive, 
prosthetic, a curlicue. as a warning, what u have termed the _curlicue,_ 
the index of representation in which the two is already three: it is the 
curlicue of quine that extends by the emission related to excess, to 
surplus, to the curlicue or diacritique; in the latter, excess is a 
production of the CONTRARY an irrevocable form of decay or shuddering 
episteme: the curlicue of which subjectivity is marginal. symmetrical 
results within itself, the *curlicue* or excess of this interpenetration, 
curlicue, hermeneutic circling, lacanian language-skidding) remains ANGRY 
AT SIG.: (signature): depression, collapse, and the curlicue SCREEN 
PHENOMENA. the curlicue, symbolic, delays, continues, is sutured; 
nonetheless, there is always a murmuring or curlicue.

IT murmurs it is not an aura nor is it an excess or a curlicue; it is not 
petit-a or curlicue, something explained over and over again in INTERNET 
TEXT. if the curlicue is the surplus of the signifier, it is also where 
which subjectivity is marginalized or curlicue. symmetry results thus. 
this and every emission is related to excess, to surplus, to the curlicue 

at the end of the day curled
where the eye is curlicue of the dusk
where the lid is curlicue of the night
where one goes gloaming
wings! wings! 
murmuring under the sign of erasure
erasuring murmur, "sign, sign"
walking and always here and there
and at the end of the day curled
where furrows are and gloaming
where wings are furled, and, murmuring
speak dusk, and dusk, and dusk

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