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September 5, 2006

branch and ruler

when the branch and the ruler meet and demarcate each other, it is the 
branch which has created the ruler, and the ruler which has measured the 
branch; every tool has ancestry; we are near the beginning, near the clout 
on the head, the massacre, the cannibalism, the torture by fire, the death 
by drowning, the skinning-alive, the gouging of the eyes, twisting the 
testicles, desecrating the womb; we are in the primordial when the sign is 
read wrong, when the sign is a sign, when a branch is after all just a 
branch, when a ruler is a shadow of the future anterior, when nothing is 
read but as-if everything is read, as if everything were readable, as if 
gods created things, readings, writings, bodies, slaves, corpses, the 
raped, the robbed, the wounded, the slaughtered, the megafaunal extinc- 
tions, our pride and our joy, our little baby girl or little baby boy, one 
flesh is tasted, there's no stopping

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Date: Sep 5, 2006 7:10 AM
Subject: [vel] Bryce and Poser
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Subject: Bryce and Poser

Thought you might want to see this:

For a limited time, both Bryce and Poser can be downloaded for free.
They're a version behind the latest versions, but still fully-featured
and there don't *seem* to be any licensing restrictions.  I don't know
how new the lab copies are, so grabbing these might be handy.

Poser is here (until September 8th):

Bryce is here (until September 6th):

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