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September 13, 2006

Hubble /Occluded Joints

The body-core is evident; electromagnetic transmission off the (visible)
grid; the skein remains intact; 'intact' defined by protocols; body held
taut by subtext; by ether/net; by framed code; by corrupt totalizations;
by multiplicities within the shining of the One; by Shiva Siva Saiva; the
body-core is occluded; the joints are beyond the Pale = frame = visible
frame = program parameters = processed code = protocol supertext. Someone
moved to create the files; someone was captured; animals are captured;
images are captured; capture/captivate; seduce; _filage,_ raveling or
unraveling, raveled or unraveled. So then

this opens or should open:

and this probably doesn't:

The first was produced in Blender which crashed because of a kernel
crash. Unusual in linux, which saved the .avi; this was then converted
with ffmpeg to mpeg as you see. The .avi needs additional codec support;
it opens in linux, but not in WinXP so far.

Lossy, absence, differance on the body of the screen

in or upon the body, beyond or beneath the body

Checking this morning, the .avi file had a habit of uncannily 
disappearing; I proceeded to make this permanent. Please use hubble.mpg
which works fine, thanks - Alan

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