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Hubble /Occluded Joints

The body-core is evident; electromagnetic transmission off the (visible)
grid; the skein remains intact; 'intact' defined by protocols; body held
taut by subtext; by ether/net; by framed code; by corrupt totalizations;
by multiplicities within the shining of the One; by Shiva Siva Saiva; the
body-core is occluded; the joints are beyond the Pale = frame = visible
frame = program parameters = processed code = protocol supertext. Someone
moved to create the files; someone was captured; animals are captured;
images are captured; capture/captivate; seduce; _filage,_ raveling or
unraveling, raveled or unraveled. So then

this opens or should open:

and this probably doesn't:

The first was produced in Blender which crashed because of a kernel
crash. Unusual in linux, which saved the .avi; this was then converted
with ffmpeg to mpeg as you see. The .avi needs additional codec support;
it opens in linux, but not in WinXP so far.

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