The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 14, 2006


Do you hate your name as much as I hate mine? I can't stand to see it or hear 
it pronounced. I can't look in a mirror either. What is wrong with religious 
people? The world is bloated with fanaticism. 91.8 per cent of this country 
believes in god and more than 75 per cent think their family is going to 
heaven. Most people believe that god is wrathful. Just look at any country and 
you'll find people thinking their religion is the only true one. So much for 
the enlightenment; you'd think that simple comparison - not to mention the 
quantity of evil in the world - would tell them something's wrong. Oh I forgot 
to mention I got trounced on nettime by someone from the linguistics establish 
and he made sure everyone knew he was from the establishment! And was grateful 
to know famous people! And that made his theories right! His theories were 
bloody cog sci and structural stuff all over again. He didn't understand my 
point at all. But I think he might be teaching! He's getting paid! And he's 
dead wrong! What passes for theory alas doesn't hold beneath the glass. I'd 
write "under" which is more accurate but the scansion is off. I'm at the 
Pittburgh airport and have spent five minutes not worried about going 
homeless. The back of my head has this "hard" feeling. I read Gurdjieff on the 
plane: good grief! His fictions sound like Olaf Stapleton and maybe both owe 
something to theosophy. Of course they're correct; they'd have to be. But you 
and I, we're not. This is a stupid 

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