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September 15, 2006

The Flight:

OFFSET 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
OFFSET -3.419285 -4.794685 1.345123
JOINT LeftKnee
OFFSET 17.770149 52.341656 3.051116
JOINT LeftAnkle
OFFSET -26.002449 -53.923805 0.223355
End Site
OFFSET 230.813026 309.763527 236.532917
JOINT RightHip
OFFSET -10.177025 -9.366684 2.718486
JOINT RightKnee
OFFSET 23.202744 16.373123 -4.191984
JOINT RightAnkle
OFFSET -26.566334 53.247330 73.566673
End Site
OFFSET 229.079266 218.311977 200.732365
OFFSET 24.051632 32.780327 -2.990587
JOINT LeftCollar
OFFSET -3.175385 2.782694 -2.603830
JOINT LeftShoulder
OFFSET -9.640720 -28.916821 -3.403399
JOINT LeftElbow
OFFSET -0.336464 40.853985 13.914258
JOINT LeftWrist
OFFSET 5.325165 -5.991470 -6.179459
End Site
OFFSET 202.176437 87.901649 17.820293
JOINT RightCollar
OFFSET 0.231621 8.741350 2.083974
JOINT RightShoulder
OFFSET -34.953598 -45.966850 0.005607
JOINT RightElbow
OFFSET 36.709175 47.838158 8.358180
JOINT RightWrist
OFFSET 191.750473 197.964706 196.118027
End Site
OFFSET -69.841251 -39.790440 -7.790203
OFFSET -3.301525 68.628181 3.727469
OFFSET 0.151051 -3.618229 3.449522
End Site
OFFSET 0.188813 -4.522787 4.311903
Frames: 1055
Frame Time: 0.033

The background of the flight:

Performance text, 123 Pleasant Street, BIOS conference, after equipment

Dance is Dead. Dead Men Can't Dance. Dance is Sex. Scan-Dance. Un-Dance.
Dance is an Asylum. I want to thank everyone with two feet who has
contributed to this. I'm not sure exactly what I should be showing here.
There are too many files... I'm sorry... maybe I should go home

hello hello - I had other plans for this - using the mic here but it's too
loud - so bear with me - At the moment this isn't going anywhere - these
are hmmm... mappings of a dancer's body - in this space - this is going
nowhere - hold on can someone get me a drink!? this was to be a
performance falling apart now it seems more like falling apart as a
performance hello hello no mic here - weird somewhere I hear speaking thru
here - well on the right is Maud dancing and on the left is a mapping of a
dancer following Maud in a manner similar to the avatar but the dancer is
live but the fuck I forget wait a moment the dancer is hmmm...

well the dancer was using motion capture equipment and was therefore fed
into hmmm... fuck it I forget the dancer was fed into mocap and thru that
into bvh and that was imported into blender and then hmmm then the nodes
of the body of the real dancer were mapped into 4-space and so what you
see here are objects indicating the movements of a dancer imitating a
dancer imitated by an avatar but a mapping which in fact indicates the
tension of the originary body here you have what time is it wait I need
some whisky (case you don't know it I don't drink) well Foofwa did a
number I think he was smashed that's an Alpine zither that's a performer
in a movie I made using the Access Grid who doesn't not the access grd but
the performer know she's in a movie yes indeedie that's harmonica fuck was
going to play that live for you too but needed the mic which is now
unplugged and lying around somewhere ????  I actually had a lot to say
about this stuff related to E-poetry so what I can say now is fuck
e-poetry the only thing that should be around is fuck-poetry f-poetry why
this is entirely new and already a fucking canon is forming people are
included people are excluded were all fucking Jews here beyond the Pale hi

this is really really going nowhere by the way Maud was choreographed by
Foofwa more later at the talk tomorrow too long to explain here - that's F
dancing on what looks like a roof but isn't well it's Geneva that's whats'
important we work together wait there should be a text somewhere around
here, probably lost in the melee - in that battle someone got hurt I think
all those fucking ninja

now something nice
see i can be so gentle you wouldn't believe it
now some lightning hold on

fireworks coming up you can't get enough of a good thing when you don't
know what you're doing blow something up - Moty Python
or Moby Grape
or just fucking Moby - can yoou believe that ugy?

ok ths is the deconstruction of a glass or a cup or something that held
sugar I don't know anyway it's not really blown up just made to look that
blah blah blah blah deconstruction of a face
deconstruction of a tree

I want to thank the virtual environmnets lab at WVU who - I mean - they -
are not respnsible for any of this
wanna see two guys? sure you do!
those guys they do dance the dance anywya this is also from motion capture
stuff - I have no idea who the hell thse people are? wanna see a
threesome? sure you do!

heh you probably thought they'd have clothes on!

epoets can't stand sex;f-poets can't stand e-poets
come to the f-poetry conference! ACAPULCO!

ok this is looking at some tents from a ehight
and this is getting the hell out of the way of motion capture mapping
thank you for the MOCAP software combined with Poser I think there was
some other stuff - anyway it's all body body body
ok this is using Interent Two hot INTERNET before INTERNET tTHREE to send
my partner's picture - Azure's - around the world or some such godforsaken
place and back again - everything's out of sync of course - so much for
the Net. Fuc the net.

I can't even tell you where the sound's coming from that's the new sound
let's just say it involves people and bodies and very low frequency radio
and let it go at that.

above, that's Azure deconstructed by one of the scanners - this one cost
185k and we managed to defeat the software


me on autoharp (remember those?_) and Alpine zither - I'm the only fucking
avant-garde alpine zither player in the world - for real - cuase most
people don't even know what they are
my partner as a blue-green madonne stitched together from inompatible
pieces -

oh wait really I have something good!
heh heh heh! really good!
oh if you don't know it THAT"S NOT REAL!!
heh heh heh!
See god was right!
stupid goddamn puppet!
(it's not true )!
This is for Funkhauser this is from Thailand
And I haven't ever been to Thailand!
But I know Tyedie!
oh I gotta wrap it up
Anyway it's been nice serving you and thank you for the whisky!
Thank you and good bye!
(God what the fuck have I done!)

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