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Catastrophe.My Masterpiece This is everything to me.

Which took a lifetime to build and a lifetime to deconstruct. And within
the platelets, about two-fifths of the way through the time-line, a clear
sign of catastrophe, something unexpected, something momentarily out of

This summarizes my visual work on measurement, on structure, on temporal
exfoliation, on collapse. For here the organism, platelets and joints,
falls apart, and in that instant culture is born, inscription... symbol-
ization, which can be read only in the scar of movement.

The catastrophe is that the catastrophe leaves no scar; so many have
disappeared, stitched and sutured over in the digital domain. What happens
in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens in history is traceless: all that
exists is a mute real, out of which we pick through the debris.

The debris, remnants, back and forth through the digital, which is already
split, sheared. No digital object holds together; it's contingent out

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