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October 1, 2006

- material substrate - uneven speculation - bad physics -

Might we not consider mid-sized planets such as our own, information
sinks, based on the variegated materials held in more or less permanent
suspension in solid states? Such sinks in their totality characterize the
universe as much as plasmas do; plasmas contain little information on the
macroscopic scale, more, but not that much more, on the cosmic scale. When
matter qua matter is held taut, it functions as a data-bases which may be
retrieved, replaced, modified, etc.; in other words, a series of logical
operations may be applied - operations which ultimately diffuse due to
wear-and-tear, i.e. entropy - but which, in the larger meantime are pro-
-uctive of abstract entities that are duplicable, equivalent, and indepen-
dent of the material substrate itself. And such planets as our own contain
greater degrees of information in relation to the quantification (such is
it might theoretically be) of difference; in this sense, organic life con-
tributes the most, given its molecular variations and encodings. From this
I can only imagine an 'information astronomy,' charting variation, not
necessarily physical constitution (but ultimately based on such) within
the cosmos - this mapping might, in fact, present us with a more accurate
reading of the place and function of organic life in the universe -

On the other hand, real-material is obdurate, inert, and mid-sized planets
are likely to be relatively barren. Ultimately it becomes a question of
order and its constitution; clays, for example, possess some of the
characteristics of organic life, with relatively simple structures, while
the complexity of mountain chains or crater impact zones are the result of
well-understood, non-quantum, non-relativistic, processes.

Consider _information_ as that which propagates and transforms from one to
another almost-equivalent structure, and _information structures_ are
those abstracted second-order structures characterized by difference among
almost-equivalent entities. Propagation and transformation imply energy
and process; information structures are, in ordinary parlance, data-bases.
Propagation and process also imply mappings and equivalences; they are
operations upon the environment, as much as within it. They involve epis-
temological shifts from organic to non-organic compounds. Such shifts
generate epistemologies and second-order epistemologies.

It is better to leave this murkiness behind and think of information sinks
in general - sinks requiring potential wells, i.e. protective barriers,
for their accumulative properties. Without such wells, everything is lost
and information remains at the level of the monopole or singular bit.

How would we measure in an information astronomy? One can only imagine
slight disequilibriums, displacements, of planetary characteristics; one
can also look for Gaia structures (organic compounds and their demo-
graphics); one might be able to measure the 'roiling' of surface patches
or aggregates. In any case, it would be necessary to consider the sun, for
example, in relation to information-qua-stasis, given its continuous
upwelling processes - the same for plasmas and, in fact, most of the
constituents of the universe. And then what? Structure might reside longer
in a hard-drive than solar prominence or corona - in which case local time
becomes a necessary component (i.e. against the enormous space-time
distancings of the universe as a whole).

For the past 255 days, we have been following the so-called parallel
lines across this terrain; to the best of our knowledge, they have moved
neither closer nor farther apart.



it was during that period - the sadness of the day, mind you - when it
first became it was during that period - the sadness of day, mind you when
first became clear to me that nothing was left of my life, that illness
had, in fact, taken my faculties clear to me nothing left my life, illness
had, in fact, taken faculties once and for all. it is only in these rare
moments that i am capable once and for all. is only these rare moments i
am capable of placing the remnants of thought at your disposal. otherwise,
Julu, no one, least of all you, would know placing remnants thought at
your disposal. otherwise, Julu, no one, least all you, would know that I
am alive, that these words, already close to forgotten, constitute the
living will I alive, words, already close forgotten, constitute living
will of a man doomed to unforeseen struggle. granted, the reaper comes
upon them, these words, almost a man doomed unforeseen struggle. granted,
reaper comes upon them, almost to the moment of production, trembling, i
manage only to stay slightly ahead of the game. moment production,
trembling, manage stay slightly ahead game. consciousness is like that,
drooling and tethered from the past, just a moment ago already falling
into sickness, consciousness like that, drooling tethered from past, just
ago falling into sickness, so i ride these words like a shade emergent,
like something from the flesh of Nikuko, so ride words shade emergent,
something flesh Nikuko, cut like a knife severing cock and abdomen,
useless semen flailing against the cackled mind - cut knife severing cock
abdomen, useless semen flailing against cackled what a wonder. what
wonder. i shall not recover this. i shall not remember the longer phrase,
embedded vocables, the glory of the stance - shall not recover this.
remember longer phrase, embedded vocables, glory stance

where was I? the broken fodder, the grain of the voice, everything lost as
the buffer fills - where was I? the broken fodder, grain of voice,
everything lost as buffer fills - there's no room for anything, be calm,
stilled voice - i am here nonetheless, at such a moment, there's no room
for anything, be calm, stilled voice i am here nonetheless, at such a
moment, swollen with pride, capped only with the knowledge that you
remember, that you are reading swollen with pride, capped only knowledge
that you remember, are reading what i cannot, that my senselessness is
your sense, my words are yours - i have none - nothing though what cannot,
my senselessness is your sense, words yours have none nothing though you
will remember my sweetness, the depth of my feelings, against the plate of
the sky, Julu, will remember sweetness, depth feelings, against plate sky,
Julu, pressing down upon me. and where I was, you shall understand,
through me, that THIS is the hinge of pressing down upon me. and I was,
shall understand, through me, THIS hinge consciousness, that there is none
other, that everything rides on such a knife of time, slicing
consciousness, there other, rides on knife time, slicing the universe
itself (by this fair creature) - in my sickness, my dementia, you
understand how universe itself (by this fair creature) in sickness,
dementia, understand how God was created, how the world works - how sanity
sets nothing aright - how depression is the only God created, world works
sanity sets aright depression truth there is - this, Julu, is my legacy -
theorem or axiom of the world's worlding - unlike truth this, legacy
theorem or axiom world's worlding unlike Heidegger, waiting for nothing
and no one, perceiving nothing, doomed until the last - Heidegger, waiting
one, perceiving nothing, doomed until last the sweetness of life consists
of no despair - Julu, my depths are your own, my life yours, my breath
sweetness life consists despair depths own, yours, breath yours, my bones
and arms, my mind, what Nikuko has given me, such shall I pass, such knows
passage bones arms, mind, Nikuko has given pass, knows passage passed on,
doomed, trod down, depthed despair, sick world, senseless - passed on,
doomed, trod down, depthed despair, sick world, senseless

count on my words! clear the buffer! open the doors of the wound! Julu is
speaking! nothing's the count on my words! clear the buffer! open doors of
wound! Julu is speaking! nothing's matter - when my brain is cut in two
she emerges - swollen against the carapace - i am her insect - matter -
when brain cut in two she emerges swollen against carapace i am her insect
these legs subsumption architecture - so little to run them - Julu presses
hard upon me - my mouth these legs subsumption architecture so little to
run them presses hard upon me mouth o unworthy one - eats her ground chalk
- she's written something there - a poem on the sidewalk - o unworthy one
eats ground chalk she's written something there a poem sidewalk 'Mother
got the Hooping cough / Father got the gout - / Please (Rosie Milton) /
Will you walk out?' 'Mother got Hooping cough / Father gout Please (Rosie
Milton) Will you walk out?' 'Now I'm off to the butcher's shop, / There I
stay no longer. / If I do, mother will say, 'Now I'm off butcher's shop,
There I stay no longer. If do, mother will say, / Naughty girl to disobey,
/ And play with the boys down yonder. / Come in my (Ellen) dear, / Naughty
girl disobey, And play with boys down yonder. Come (Ellen) dear, While I
go out.' and surely out she went, Julu pissing down her legs, I lick up
the dear dear child, While go out.' and surely out went, pissing legs,
lick up dear child, I swallow her chalk, written on the skull what can she
mean? my mouth froths, spittle, comes again swallow chalk, skull what can
mean? froths, spittle, comes again and again, my eyes weep - I don't
remember the world! - I don't remember words! I don't remember anything !
again, eyes weep don't remember world! anything ! you can't count on
anyone to pull you through - it's harrowing like hell - Kwak! - Open the
doors can't anyone pull through it's harrowing like hell Kwak! Open of the
Wound! - more and more there's less and less - time my panties! Quick -
he's got a knife! Wound! more there's less time panties! Quick he's knife!
just one cut through my breast - my nipples are wafers! my blood the
consecrated wine! I have Buddha feet! just breast nipples are wafers!
blood consecrated wine! have Buddha feet! i shit all the holy books in the
world and i can't read them or can i how can i remember anything shit all
holy books world read or how from this or any moment you alone know what
i'm saying here you've got the key i've got nothing the worms have it from
this any moment alone know i'm saying here you've key i've nothing worms
it I twist my head fast from side to side, take the world on one last
ride, there's nothing like it! twist head fast side side, take last ride,

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Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 23:55:33 +0700
From: Keiko Sei <>
Subject: <nettime> Important Thai education site closed


   This mail is sent by Bcc. As you know, there was coup d'etat in
Thailand on Sept.19. Despite the attempt by the military council to
portrait it as a friendly coup, they are imposing censorship in various
fields. Recently they closed the important on-line education site,
Midnight University <>. This on-line education has
been created for those people who cannot afford to go to higher
education to be informed and empowered. It is one of the most
enlightening media in Thailand, and I contribute to them, too, for free
and copyleft, as I support their object. In fact this is the second
time they are closed down by the authority: the first time because by
the Thaksin government, and this time because they are critical towards
the coup and the military council. The closure of their site seriously
obstructs educational process of millions of people who depend on them,
blocking the free flow of information and exchange of people's ideas,
and is a total setback of democratic process of the country, just like
the coup d'etat is. I would appreciate if you help their petition
campaign by adding your name and circulate their message to your
friends. Thank you very much for your constant help for the democratic
path of South East Asia.


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From: somkiat tangnamo <>
Date: Sep 30, 2006 2:59 PM
Subject: Closure - The Minightuniv web

Dear Keiko Sei

The Midnight University Website, the foremost free and critical
educational and public intellectual website in Thailand with over
freely accessible 1,500 scholarly articles, a lively webboard with
ongoing thought-provoking debates, which receives well over 2.5 visits
per month from viewers around the world, has already been shut down
by the Thai Information & Communications Ministry last night, acting
under the order of the self-styled military Council of Democratic
Reform. This is not only a hugh loss to academic and intellectual
freedom in Thai society, but also a closure of a free forum for the
contention of ideas to find a peaceful alternative to violent conflict
in Thailand.

We are gathering signatures for a campaign to pressure for the
reversion of this unjustifiable violation of the Thai people's right
to information and free expression by the Thai authorities. So, please
consider adding your and your firiends' names to the end of this
message and e-mail it back to me so that we could save what little is
left of precious freedom and wisdom in Thai society in these dark and
difficult times.


Somkiat Tangnamo

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Alan (of control, dissipation, and the One)

Thought which might have been the controlling factor < logical excretion >
logical controlling excretion factor > < Content requires interpretation
but content is not structure; logical thought is structure; content is
remnant, primordial survival. logical is is structure; structure; logical
content thought remnant, structure; primordial content survival. is To
survive is to think through content. To think is to think through logical
structure. To restrict thought is the primordial content of survival. To
think think through to To through is thought structure. the restrict
primordial thought of the "My avatars are leashed, tethered to logical
thought, to the protocols of logical thought; it's a wonder they can think
at all. of to at they all. can

So that, for example, if I dream Nikuko or dream Julu or Jennifer, such
are the dreams remote from fundamental operations. So such that, are for
the example, dreams if remote I from dream fundamental Nikuko operations.
or So Julu for Jennifer, if such I are dream the Nikuko dreams or remote
dream from Julu fundamental or operations. Jennifer, Neither are they
condensation nor displacement, creation nor annihilation, but surplus and
surplus accumulation. Neither creation they annihilation, condensation but
nor surplus displacement, and creation surplus annihilation, Neither but
are surplus they and condensation accumulation. displacement, If Julu
speaks to me, she exists in the future anterior, and One can only follow
suit. If future speaks and to One me, can she only exists follow in suit.
future Julu anterior, speaks One me, can she only exists follow in suit.
the If Jennifer dreams, it is what has been repressed and inchoate that
constitutes the surface of One's dream. Jennifer that dreams, constitutes
it the is surface what of has One's been dream. repressed If inchoate
dreams, that it constitutes is surface has of been One's repressed dream.
and And if Nikuko thinks, it is Nikuko who is thinking the One. And it
thinks, who who One. thinking if One. thinks,

For these reasons, Alan cannot think or dance, his dreams are stolen,
transformed into the death of the One. For One. these For reasons, these
Alan reasons, cannot Alan think cannot or think dance, or his dance,
dreams his are dreams stolen, are transformed stolen, into transformed the
into death the of death One. the It is as if time and space are swallowed
- false pretence within which Humans live, thinned space of ephemeral
existence. It existence. is It as is if as time if and time space and
swallowed are - swallowed false - pretence false within pretence which
within Humans which live, Humans thinned live, ephemeral of existence.
ephemeral Our dreams are of the One, without which we could not exist, the
Dissipation of the one, Procurer Our Procurer One, the without One, we
which could we not could exist, not Dissipation the one, the Procurer one,
The One we have created within our culture, the One which gnaws, falls
apart into tattered shreds of bones an dflesh The dflesh One The have we
created have our within culture, our gnaws, which falls gnaws, apart falls
tattered into shreds tattered bones of an bones dflesh an If we could only
forget Apocalypse for just a moment, just the blink of an eye... If eye...
only could forget only Apocalypse forget for Apocalypse just for a just
moment, a blink the eye... an Nothing will lead us there. Nothing there.
will Nothing lead will us lead there. us Nothing will take us back. take
will back. us

One cannot reach farther than this thinking through one's reach, and the
reach of avatars. reach avatars. of and avatars. the One cannot come
closer to control and its release, the One and dissipation. cannot and the
and dissipation. the

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