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In this endless variant, distorted (so that rotations and translations in
3-space will be clear) cones model a full motion-capture body generated by
Poser; the original movements are from bearing.mp4 .

So the 3 recent pieces: existential.mp4, bearing.mp4, and sartre.mp4 - all
concerned with the distorted project of existential human. Now in this
latest, the vague outlines of body are more or less visible... I could see
a meta-ball construction relating the body itself, extrusion of Lingis /

I keep moving through these spaces, one step at a time - the goal - which
I will not attempt with the machinery I use - would be a .bvh file of
hundreds of thousands of nodes, modeling human behavior against the back-
ground of culture and ecology. And the result? An inconceivable construct
of hundreds of thousands of meta-objects, taking shape, joining, giving an
image of Godhead Creation itself (Godhead Creating, Creating Godhead).
_That_ is the face of Levinas or Sartre, _that_ is the peripheral of Vito
Acconci or Leder, _that_ is semiotic in relation to Kristevan semiotic,
positive entropy of information in relation to negative entropy of infor-
mation. It is unimaginable; the space would be huge, the files enormous,
the rendering a question of months, not hours. Yet at the end is a Shadow
waiting for clarity.

I think Hegel would approve.

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