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October 9, 2006

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Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 11:49:41 +0100
From: John Cayley <>
Subject: e & eye - four talks at Tate Modern, London

e and eye
art and poetry between the electronic and the visual

Led by Penny Florence, Tim Mathews and John Cayley

Monday 16 October 2006, 18.30-20.00
Monday 23 October 2006, 18.30-20.00
Monday 30 October 2006, 18.30-20.00
Monday 13 November 2006, 18.30-20.00

Modern art has had a close historical relationship with poetry and performance 
since its formation. Electronic poetry has developed a strong element of 
performance, an implicit demand for some form of exhibition. This series of 
events explores the relationship between the visual, the poetic and the 
electronic in art.

The sessions begin with a conversation in which invited speakers discuss issues 
relevant to the Collection and to electronic and visual poetry. This is 
followed by a short performance or reading of an electronic poem, and an open 
discussion. Laptop computers with video projection showing interactive 
electronic works are also placed within the galleries.

The speakers are theorists and practitioners in a variety of media and virtual 
curators, and include John Aiken, Malcolm Bowie, Patrick Burgaud, John Cayley, 
Penny Florence, Elizabeth James, Mark Leahy, Tim Mathews, Brigid McLeer, Sharon 
Morris and TNWK (Kirsten Lavers and cris cheek).

Virtual presence/practitioners/curators/theorists: Sandy Baldwin, N Katherine 
Hayles, Camille Utterback, Talan Memmott, Rita Rayley, David Rokeby, Alan 
Sondheim, Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

Organised by Penny Florence and Tim Mathews, with John Cayley.

In collaboration with The Slade School of Fine Art, SCEMFA and the Department 
of French, University College London

Tate Modern  Throughout the gallery
Free, booking recommended
Price includes drinks afterwards
A booking fee of 50p applies to online bookings.
For tickets book online
or call 020 7887 8888.


There is also a blog-like site relating to these events, where we are 
collecting textual material and discussion from the participants. This is now 
also open to the public:


Just want to say that I'm being attacked on nettime-l; it's been going on 
for a few days now. If you want to read the exchanges, you can find them 
on the archives. For myself, I'm fucking depressed, and don't seem to be 
able to pull out of it, but then that comes with the territory. Again 
apologies for this cross-posting.

Meanwhile if you can look at the videos I sent out, they might interest 
you in relation to the motion constructs I've been working with.

- Alan

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