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The old familiar file, FIle: zz

Everything happens here
Everything happens here
Everything happens here

- always engorged with something new. They say it's digital here (no, it's
cold here!). They say you can fall between one letter and another - but
just try it! (Go ahead, break the screen!)

Somebody made me color and somebody made me another color.
You've heard this all before, but what? This particular speech? These
roars, worthy of Lovecraft?

Every voice has a throat. No voice has a throat. Throat = chamber.
I've heard these screams before shuttled across the u-s-a.

When I hear these, I think of shortwave. And they were just as hard to
tune in. Antenna tuning = packet/codec tuning.

These travel partcularly fast. When I found myself sleeping our cat had
grown to enormous size - rising against me, these sounds.


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