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October 21, 2006

Performance with Incidences in Geneva 10/20/06: INTERFERENCE
(after Incidences, Foofwa d'Imobilite & Co.)

I have no idea how to begin. These pieces are explorations
of dance-movement translated into alien spaces. This is sound bounced from
New York to Chicago then back to West Virgnia then back to New York using
Internet 2. Everything is out of sync. Thiis is Foofwa's dance troop doing
a synchronized exercise from "swimming."

It's difficult to figure how to get into this material for me. For one
thing the laptop was acting up. We found a toy gun in California and
scanned it in West Virginia - deconstructing it atthe same time. Ok we did
this with a tree as well

This will go on until I stop it.

Sometimes you get up in the morning and its not the right thing to say. Do
you know the United States is at WAR with Iraq!? I found out today -
that's really bad. They were looking for illegal immigrants and look what
my United States

              MY UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would come through in the end. And everybody thought that Bush was a two
bit terrorist who was anti-gay? Whatever happened to his daughters?
They're probably fucking Rumseld. I look on this as therapy. While I'm
playiing with software programs (the very latest!_ (not really)) - there
are a numbetr of species going extinct per hour. But they can all move to
the Arcitic. By the way polar bears have turned cannibal and elephants are
raping other species - this is true - as animals find their habitat
disappiearing. What these abstract imags ar - the body is divided into 17
segments and these are then captured while a dancer moves - the movements
are captured - and then - then you can map them on to for example people -
These people practiced for weeks to get it right and I had to pay them to
get naked. Now we can take this mapping of figures onto figures - dancers
onto avatar dancers - and we can map into entirely new spaces and content
- So this is a dancer transformed. Well hell this has no use whatsoever
but I'm fascinated by the extentions of the body - When you play around
with software like this you can enter the world of dreams so quickly... I
can't find my way outshide this world.

Dance. How can I make this entertaining? We shall witness
men and women amputated at the brain! They cannot think!
They can only dance! Dansez Dansez! O Here is Azure being scanned. The
laser destroyed one of my cameras. I have learned not to work in the real
world. ui, c'est tout! Pourquoi?

They are ne real pas, ils dansez le "reel." I make a map of this dance. Je
fabrique un plan von der Unterwelt. They have no Now in order to get away
from legs I have moved into the interior of avatars... So this is what it
looks like from inside -

They have no arms. Quel dommage! Pourqoi? POURQUOI?
Parceque ce'st mois! La Divine! Ceas vrai! Wirklich! I will make
their interieures! Inside them! You will see!

I forgot the trees. Here is a tree being scanned by a laser sending the
signal out - From here you can move deep into the dtree .. there are other
things to see.... You can see the laser burn.

The best way to proceed I think is to hmmm... Is to go into the real world
as little as possible... and then bring back whatever you need like going
to a 7-11 or something - Is this going ok Foofwa? Uh it seems to lack
coherency. I wish I was home making new avatars on my computer to fuck

Later no earlier
in 2006 I don't know what happened, I showed work - real pieces of things
and computers - in Los Angels - you can actually stumble over wires once
you leave home. One absolutely has to know how to inhabit theoretical
digital space. Every other space will become poisonous. This space now
this space here - this space is a ruler being taken apart by a laser - you
can study it and see how measurement began. I keep thinking I've got some
terrible disease and am just about to die (SOB!) so I need your sympathy
vote! This is my partner Azure Azul being deconstructed on a bad hair day.
So I'm thinking of war and extinctions and the nightmare the world is
turning into and atomic bombs going off and being unable to sleep and I
can't help making stupid jokes. Like the maarx brothers - it's a kind of
immigrant fever - More mapping of dancers. Foofwa is the only person I
know who could dance this.

The advantage of a dancer: You'll have your body at the end of the world.
The disadvantage of a dancer: You'll have your body at the end of the

And you will send signals to yourself.
You will send signals to yourself.
You'll look in the mirror and say hello world.
And nothing will say anything back.
Not even you.

Susan Sontag I think wrote about the tens of thousand of birds that died
at 9/11.
In New York they erected a memorial of lights. The lights went high in the
sky and interacted with migrating flocks of birds.
Ten thousand birds died because of the memorial.
So the question is: How do you make art - not after Auschwitz -
but IN Auschwitz? Because we are at the gates and work arbeit does nothing
for us.

Dance, alas, how can I ever make sense? Together we shall see
human beings with brains and minds cut out! They can't think!
They never could! All they can do is dance! Well, really, is
that all? Why for the Sake of God! They're not real now, are
they? They dance the reel! They dance the jig! I'll make a
pretty picture of this dance! I'll make a map of the Underworld!
They have no legs! They don't have arms either! If I could dance - if I
could really dance - I wouldn't be doing any of this - why bother? You
have your body on your back and your back on your body and that's all
you'd need.

When you look at the world correctly, on what basis can you do anything
at all?

Hello I am the world. I don't have anything at al. They don't have
brains either! They don't have minds either! This is terrible
damage! I am a cheese! Why, WHY? For the love of the Dear Lord!
Because it's me! I made them! I'm the Author of the World! The
Divine! The Divine Sarah Bernhardt! The Jew! It's True! Really!
I will make their interiors! We'll go inside them! You and I,
we'll go inside their bellies! We'll wear the Pubic Hair! You'll
see! Just wait! You'll see!

Bonjour, salaam, shalom, hello! I will kill myself! Why is this
night different from all other nights? Because I am here? These
are my people! My little people! They run around the room! I
play my harmonica for you. A little aire, a tiny aire, surely
something you have heard before?
Because we can bounce sound around the world like this.
But we can't stop trade in rhino horns.

Azure struggles with the avatar. The avatar has to avoid the swords. The
swords make the avatar angry. Azure writhes in pain. If she moves she will
be cut by the swords.The swords are dream sword.s They do not exist in
reality. In reality I am home at the moment comfortably seated in front of
my computer. And Im working on new exciting software programs called

ABU GHARAYB (fun to play!)
North Korea
United States
This is how I imagine EMPIRE - something in the form of a dream. And if
EMPIRE stays a dream then everything then everything will be then
everything will be okay. Then everything will be okay.

Thank you.

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